Get Wondershare PowerPoint to Video Converter for FREE! Until Sept. 17th.

Previously I had covered a review on Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro which is a great software for converting your PowerPoint presentation slides to a DVD easily, but if you short in budget at the moment and wish to have a converter to convert your PowerPoint presentation slides into a video, don’t’ miss this great chance by Wondershare! Now they are giving out their PPT2Video Pro software for free, and what you need to do is rather simple:

1. Convert your presentation to video with Wondershare PPT2Video Pro. The presentation (at least 5 slides) can be on any subject related to your school life, such as your campus story, holiday trip, and even the course presentation.
2. Share the converted video on your Facebook or YouTube page publicly. The product page link should be included in the video description.
Once you have posted the video created by PPT2Video Pro on your Facebook or YouTube page, please email video sharing URL to support(at) with title “Wondershare Back to School Activity – PPT2Video Pro for Free”.

It’s that simple!

50% Discount on PPT2Video Pro by just sharing a nice video

Else, if you not keen on doing the conversion to get a free copy from Wondershare, you still eligible to get a 50% discount from them for the same software with a simple step. Just share the video below that is about the Tech Guide of Back to School (you can share the URL in your blog, website, facebook status, Twitter etc.), and then send video sharing URL to support(at) with title “PPT2Video Pro 50% Discount” to get discount information for the PPT2Video Pro software. Simple, no?


Click the screenshot above to get linked to the video. Sorry but does not support direct Facebook video embedding.

All thanks to Wondershare for this wonderful discount and giveaway on the software that is useful in education line, either for the students or the lecturers. They also have a lot of powerful software available in the market, and I have to admit they have one of the best drafting app for iPad (though I have no iPad to try yet at the moment), but if you are interested in that, head to their official website for more information. You can also follow their updates in Facebook or Twitter.

For more information on the ‘back to school’ giveaway, please head to their Facebook page.


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