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[Giveaway] ZAGG Invisible Shield Screen Protector for Xperia X8



  • To upload screenshots, I recommend TinyPic or imgur.
  • Please leave a contact, either email address or Twitter handle etc., so that I can contact you to get your mailing address.

Good luck!

Get Extra 768MB Space in Dropbox for Free [How To]

Dropbox is a service that allows you to store documents or media files to their server, and synchronize them to all of your other devices easily. It is also meant to use for sharing easily where you can generate a quick link to your file, and monitor any changes to your file, which is very helpful in work collaboration; they also offers client in smartphone. If you are new to Dropbox, you can log on to their site for more information.

Although Dropbox team do offers some Pro account (50GB and 100GB) with monthly fee or annual fee for heavy users, but the free account from Dropbox which has a 2GB storage is most likely adequate for most of the office users, to synchronize their documents between home and workplace, or even home users, which can use it to store quite a number of medias such as photos, digital songs, documents, either for sharing or backup purpose.

Once you have your account signed up in Dropbox, you are readily to make the full use of the given 2GB capacity. Dropbox is so kind that they offer you and your friend (good thing meant to be shared together) a free 250MB for each invited friend that registered themselves, up to 8GB. However, unless you have a relatively large network, you might find it is a little bit difficult to get yourself free spaces in Dropbox (some of them doesn’t need Dropbox at all), here’s another way to do it.

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Giveaway of Daniusoft DVD to iPad Converter, Until Aug 31st [Windows and Mac]


Have an iPad and wish to play some nice DVD videos on your precious? Looking for the converter that is simple and fast but most of them cost you some bucks? Don’t miss this great offer from Daniusoft as they are ready to giveaway their DVD to iPad Converter for free by just liking their facebook page, until August 31st 2010. Continue reading Giveaway of Daniusoft DVD to iPad Converter, Until Aug 31st [Windows and Mac]

Get Wondershare PowerPoint to Video Converter for FREE! Until Sept. 17th.

Previously I had covered a review on Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro which is a great software for converting your PowerPoint presentation slides to a DVD easily, but if you short in budget at the moment and wish to have a converter to convert your PowerPoint presentation slides into a video, don’t’ miss this great chance by Wondershare! Now they are giving out their PPT2Video Pro software for free, and what you need to do is rather simple: Continue reading Get Wondershare PowerPoint to Video Converter for FREE! Until Sept. 17th.

StarCraft 2 A3 size wallpaper

imageIn conjunction with the launch of first installment of StarCraft 2 series, I have made one high resolution StarCraft 2 wallpaper for you to download. It’s nothing new – just the marine character that appears numerous times before the official launch with the StarCraft 2 logo at the bottom, but I hardly found the same on the internet at high resolution, so I decided to make one. I have made it into an A3 size, so besides using it a desktop wallpaper, you can make it a poster on your room’s wall (which I am going to do soon!). You can have an idea how it looks like below:

SC2_Poster (Small)

This wallpaper is meant for sharing purpose only and none of the content is the property of mine (they are Blizzard Entertainment properties), hence there is no watermark or so. Please feel free to share and distribute the wallpaper to all StarCraft 2 lovers if you find suitable. The original content is found from and also, all credit to them for the high resolution images.

The wallpaper is sized at 4961 x 3508 pixels at 300dpi, and you can download from here (mediafire). Hope you enjoy it while waiting for the real deal! See you guys in the!

‘My Life for Aiur!’

Zero data charges for Facebook mobile site access? You got it!

imageIf you heart Facebook so much that you wish to always update your status and comment on others whenever you are on a mobile phone, most probably you have an unlimited data plan or you don’t mind paying pay-per-use data plan. If you are the latter, may be you can stop paying for the charges. Facebook has just released a mobile site,, that cost nothing for user to access it, and optimized for speed. Though no photo/picture is viewable in that mobile site (data charges is applied if you want to view photo), it is very useful to access all the key features of Facebook, without paying a cent.

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Tired of the same old desktop? Try BumpTop Free!

imageTalk about 3D desktop (3D graphic-rich desktop, not the recent famous 3D pop-out effect), apparently it’s not a new thing, at least for me. I still remember many years back there is some 3D desktop software (can’t recall the name of the software) bundled with nViDia graphic card that I purchased at that time; it’s fun and interactive enough, but it definitely not designed for practical usage. However, one can easily get bored with the same old desktop in Windows, though there is a lot of desktop customization software, but how about some 3D variant? Introducing you a very well-optimized 3D desktop software – BumpTop.

If you been updated with recent IT news, you might be aware that BumpTop has been purchased by Google, possibly for their own OS, Chrome OS and Android some 3D flavor. The news has been quite shocking for me as I didn’t find the software great enough to be purchased by Google, and apparently this is my impression about BumpTop after trying out their last year’s releases (lagging performance and incompatibilities). Thus, I have decided to give it another run to prove it’s worthiness. And sure – it did prove me that I am wrong.   

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