Who I am ?

My name is Taylor Ling, from Malaysia. Currently I am crafting awesomeness inSnappymob as a Mobile Experience Designer. I am very passionate about everything regarding UI and UX, especially on the mobile devices. I always love to share what I knew in the IT world and help any computer users to solve the problem they met. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question regarding computer, or you can ask me to suggest software for specific purpose.

Hope you enjoy my blog.

12 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hey, it’s my pleasure that you found my blog useful. Sure thing for the combination idea, we can put a rss feed in our blog for the other one. So once there’s any update from my side, your feed will shown it and vice versa. 🙂

      1. hey man, how are you??
        i am just wondering are you getting any visits from my blog??
        if you are wondering, so far 9 people visited my blog from your website

      2. Hey man, Doing fine here, with home internet downed at the moment. @.@ Hmmm, if not mistaken, based on my stats, there is none at the moment except two visits for today, most likely is from you. No worries man, we keep up the great work to share our knowledge. 🙂

  1. hey dude… i just wanted to infrom you that now i dont use my old website anymore, i have made a new website owen.madaeen.com

  2. hey man im a friend of own i like your blog you set like my theme in my blog which is (www.gaithik.tk) …..heheheh lol…..its nice to meet someone like you take care.c u

  3. Hi guys – great site, keep up the good work 🙂
    As the HTC Desire has been released this month, I wondered if you might fancy a sample of a case or two to review for it on your site?
    Alternatively, if there’s anything else on our website that you’d be more interested in then do let me know!
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    All the best
    Online Copywriter

    1. Hi Nat,

      I am more than happy to review anything (gadget/accessories etc.) that you see appropriate to be reviewed by me. Do contact me for further details about that. 🙂

      You can email me at taylorling86 [at] gmail.com.

      Thank you and have a nice day!


  4. My son has an Acer Inspiron. He is homeschooled and when he logged in the other day it was fine. He then logged off and cut it off. Now it shows there is an error either in the hardware or software do we want to run windows normally or a repair. However, no matter which one we try all we get is a gray screen and no desktop. Can you help us? He needs it for school? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Susan,

      What do you see after choosing the option ‘Run Normally’? And also what do you see after choosing the Repair option? Is there anything on the screen besides the grey screen?

      Also, do you happen to have a Acer eRecovery disc with you? You can try to use it to repair the Windows Startup, I am thinking it might have a corrupted start up, but I am not entirely sure though. However, if the computer is still within the warranty period, I would suggest you to send it over to the Acer Service Center for faster and efficient fix.


  5. Hi, you are absolutely awesome! Thank you for the info on the Acer recovery, very much appreciated. I reside in Ontario, Canada. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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