StarCraft 2 A3 size wallpaper

imageIn conjunction with the launch of first installment of StarCraft 2 series, I have made one high resolution StarCraft 2 wallpaper for you to download. It’s nothing new – just the marine character that appears numerous times before the official launch with the StarCraft 2 logo at the bottom, but I hardly found the same on the internet at high resolution, so I decided to make one. I have made it into an A3 size, so besides using it a desktop wallpaper, you can make it a poster on your room’s wall (which I am going to do soon!). You can have an idea how it looks like below:

SC2_Poster (Small)

This wallpaper is meant for sharing purpose only and none of the content is the property of mine (they are Blizzard Entertainment properties), hence there is no watermark or so. Please feel free to share and distribute the wallpaper to all StarCraft 2 lovers if you find suitable. The original content is found from and also, all credit to them for the high resolution images.

The wallpaper is sized at 4961 x 3508 pixels at 300dpi, and you can download from here (mediafire). Hope you enjoy it while waiting for the real deal! See you guys in the!

‘My Life for Aiur!’

5 thoughts on “StarCraft 2 A3 size wallpaper”

  1. Hey, any chance of a re-up? The imageshack link wont work for me (gives 404) and i really want to get this printed as a birthday gift for my cousin.

    Kind Regards.

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