22 thoughts on “Solve auto-login problem in Nokia Ovi Player [How To]”

  1. Deleting the MDataStore.db3 does not always work. You have to delete the Nokia site cookies in Internet Explorer as well.

  2. Thank you so much! The Nokia Hotline couldn’t help me after 5 calls!!
    They knew about the MDataStore.db3 but the site cookies were the other problem…

  3. Thanks! I had this exact problem and it was driving me crazy. I deleted both the file and Internet Explorer temporary files, now the Ovi Player is working as it should.

  4. MdataStore.db3 deletion works fine. But I did both the above suggested work arounds and Ovi is now back……Thanks all.

  5. Brilliant article.

    Very frustrated with Nokia UK technical support. Practically non existent. Shouldn’t need to have to do a Google Search to find sites such as this in order to fix software issues such as this however it’s great that someone’s written a blog entry on what needs to be done in order to cure this very frustrating problem.

    The corrupted database file didn’t offer an immediate fix however having cleared out cookies as well the log-in problem has gone (thankfully).

    A big thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      I am glad that your problem solved. Ya, it’s kind of frustrating when the Nokia technical support wasn’t helpful at all.

      Another tips to avoid this problem is to disable auto login. I have no longer encounter this issue since I disable it. Hope this helps. 🙂


  6. this is a good pointer, but I dont want to try it
    my account doesn’t have it’s 4,500 downoaded songs showing anywhere and nokia won’t do anything active to help

    if i lose my data file and then there’s no downloads, that’d be sad

    i can currently play my songs, but not on my recently worked on phone

    1. Hi Dave Rave,

      When you are using this solution, the songs aren’t actually deleted. It is just the database of the songs get deleted, after applying this solution, you can just import all your songs again, and you can start download new songs right away!


      1. The songs are re-importing and they still play, but it still doesn’t log in.

        Solved that with the deleting certificates solution i saw somewhere else
        but … my online history of downloads is still gone, so my music still won’t play on my phone.

      2. Hi,

        If your phone doesn’t play the music, chances are your songs in your phone doesn’t have the certificate downloaded. You can either connect your phone to internet to download the certificate while playing, or re-transfer all the songs to your phone using Nokia Ovi Player since you mentioned all songs are playable in Ovi Player.


  7. Nice post Thank you very much-had been trying for months and also to one who gave the cookie idea

  8. Thank you so much……. I was almost dying with this problem and now solved successfully. The internet explorer cookies did the trick

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