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Flickering Screen with ATI R9 270x? Updated BIOS can fix it

R9 270X OC D5 2GB Dual-X

Recently got myself a new PC with this beast and at random times, I noticed that the screen would flicker/jump a little bit when browsing or doing work on Photoshop. Never thought that it would be the graphic card BIOS bug until I searched around internet and found that there are many (really many!) people that owned this card were having the same issue.

It appears to be some bug in the vBIOS and likely related to the clock speed of 2D engine. Some of the manufacturers like MSI and Sapphire has released their newly updated BIOS for consumer to solve this issue. Luckily I have the Sapphire R9 270X OC D5 2GB Dual-X, so I just grab the new BIOS from here (at second tab – 바이오스), extract the files, and run the batch file (BIOSUP.BAT). The BIOS will be automatically flashed, and prompt you to restart. Now you should have the latest BIOS (Previously I had 015.0.39 version). With the latest BIOS, things seems to be fixed.

If you have the Sapphire R9 270X OC D5 2GB Vapor-X, the new BIOS is also available.

Good luck!

Source: AnandTech Forum

Enhance your night computing with F.lux – say Bye-Bye to tired eyes!


I believe most if not all of the computer users will use their computer (Facebook-ing, Messaging etc.) during the night time, and possibly until the very late night. And during the usage, you might not feel tired (Of course, who want to stop when you going to kill the boss in Mafia War?), but your eyes tell you that they are tired. Why? Most likely it is due to the inappropriate display temperature of your LCD/monitor, which makes your eyes feel tired after an hour or so of computer usage. This is because at daytime, the screen brightness/colour temperature has no problem for your eyes due to the adequate of lights, but when turned to nighttime, sunset happened, the same screen doesn’t work too well for your eyes anymore because you are now rely on the indoor light sources (Halogen, Fluorescent etc.), and the same screen tends to be too bright for you, thus stresses you eyes. Not only that, several studies shows that when an inappropriate display colour temperature exposed to a person’s eyes, he/she tend to have bad sleeping quality. 

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