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God Mode in Windows Vista/7? Not so Godly afterall …


So you’ve probably heard of the recently popular God Mode in Windows Vista/7 which I had blogged several days before, and some of you might be impressed with the result. But it might probably not very impressed to some of the people too, as it is only meant for developer to access some of the frequent used option easily. Even the MSDN Moderator, tonysoper, has made clear of the claimed undocumented God Mode in Windows Vista/7.

Now, because of the popularity of the God Mode Topic, has released a tool called GodMode creator for everyone to create all the available control panel shortcuts at a single click. You might want to know what is actually the so called ‘God Mode’ in the Windows.   

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A ‘God Mode’ for Windows 7?


Everyday you boot up your Windows 7 and use it as usual, you might have a chance to use new features in the latest operating system. But you will never know Microsoft have set a God Mode secretly in Windows 7 (in Windows Vista as well) which allows you to access all of the operating system’s control panels from within a single folder. (No, it doesn’t protect you from death when you jump down from the rooftop)

So how do you do that in your Windows 7 (both 32 bits and 64 bits), as well as Windows Vista 32 bits (64 bits might be crashed doing this – fix here)? Here’s how:

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Loving Windows 7 but wanted the classic start menu back?


So how about this one (left screenshot)? I supposed this legendary classic start menu since Windows 95 which no longer available in Windows 7 still appeals to somebody (for whatever reasons, but not for me of course :P), and they couldn’t bring it back in their lovely Windows 7. So how are they supposed to do to bring them back to life? Not within Windows 7 anyway. Created by ibeltchev and released in sourceforge,  the free Classic Shell is designed to bring back every pieces of good features in the old days Windows back into the latest Microsoft OS.

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Can’t miss any incoming email in your Gmail? Use a Gmail notifier!


Waiting for some important email and wishes to read it as soon as it arrived to your inbox? Don’t want to miss any business emails and want to reply them fast? Or just wanted to see the snippet or email title before viewing the full content? Then you should use a Gmail notifier software. They are designed to notify you once there are email arrived to your inbox, so you won’t miss any of them and able to respond fast, in case of urgent cases. I believe there are several options for such notifier, but I would only recommend three Gmail notifiers I been using all the while, and serve me well enough – The official Gmail Notifier, c2i GMailNotifier for Windows 7 and Gmail Notifier Plus for Windows 7.

Get to know your PC more with Piriform’s new Speccy!


I am pretty sure there is some occasion that you need to find out your motherboard chipset, or your graphic card model and brand which all of them hidden in your beautiful casing for years; be it a driver update or firmware upgrade. We just can’t remember everything that we bought isn’t? And sometimes your friend require some help for their computer driver, but they have no idea what they have inside their computer, especially for those ready-built PC. I have been in a few occasion that I wanted to upgrade my motherboard driver and I keep on forgetting the chipset of my motherboard, and I did the dumbest thing ever: searching back my motherboard manual/box. But no more! All thanks to the latest quality software written by Piriform which is their fourth free software after the release of their famous CCleaner, Recuva, and DefragglerSpeccy.

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