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Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Beta Build is available for public download, finally!


At last, after a few days from PDC 2009, Microsoft has released their Microsoft Office 2010 beta as promised for public download. If you can’t wait to try the latest Microsoft Office, just go ahead and download and see for yourself. (Registration required) Below is the link:

So before downloading the software suite, let’s have a look which software is included in this beta bits:


So more or less everything needed by either a businessman or a student are there. I am pretty excited to try them out since I am one of their Technical Preview participant, and it’s a good thing that this can be downloaded by everyone (like Windows 7 Beta and RC). I don’t know but I had respect more to Microsoft now as they started to listen to users, instead of doing what they like. Good job Microsoft! (and the little Mr. Gates)

How to print a soft copy for a (web) page for backup purpose?

Vista-Printer.jpg (302×302)

Do you ever met a situation where you have found all the information you needed for your assignment or project, and only find out that there is no printer available for you to print? Or sometimes you simply wanted to keep a soft copy of your flight ticket booking details or some information when you are in cyber cafe? Although there are number of ways to do it, eg. print screen, save the web page, handwritten (I believe it’s not so favor nowadays?), print to pdf (require pdf printer installed) etc. Some of the solutions like print screen and web-page archiving are still the most used, however there are other alternatives which is much more convenient. If you happen to use a public computers that equipped with Microsoft Office 2003 and above (not sure for lower version), there will be a chance to have Microsoft Office Document Image Writer installed. Continue reading How to print a soft copy for a (web) page for backup purpose?

Fancy about Microsoft Office 2010 ? Try the Microsoft Office Web Apps (Technical Preview)!

microsoft-office-2010-logo-180208For several months I have been using the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview, which means that I am one of the closed CTP tester for the impressive office suite. I must say I am impressed with the Technical Preview itself except several bugs in it, but what can we expect, it’s a Technical Preview. However, it is not released yet, and if not mistaken it haven’t even reach to the beta milestones, so either you downloaded and install it illegally (since it’s a closed preview) in trial mode or you can try a bit of the new software online with Microsoft Office Web Apps that can be accessed in your Windows Live account. Continue reading Fancy about Microsoft Office 2010 ? Try the Microsoft Office Web Apps (Technical Preview)!