Fancy about Microsoft Office 2010 ? Try the Microsoft Office Web Apps (Technical Preview)!

microsoft-office-2010-logo-180208For several months I have been using the Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview, which means that I am one of the closed CTP tester for the impressive office suite. I must say I am impressed with the Technical Preview itself except several bugs in it, but what can we expect, it’s a Technical Preview. However, it is not released yet, and if not mistaken it haven’t even reach to the beta milestones, so either you downloaded and install it illegally (since it’s a closed preview) in trial mode or you can try a bit of the new software online with Microsoft Office Web Apps that can be accessed in your Windows Live account.

What you need to have primarily is the SkyDrive account and also some address link that can make the technical preview available for you. Here is how:

  1. The SkyDrive URL has to be at US English locale with ?mkt=en-us, which can be accessed here.
  2. If you do not have one Windows Live account (together with SkyDrive), you need to register one, else login to your existing one.
  3. Upload one Word/Excel/Powerpoint file to your SkyDrive if you doesn’t have any in your whooping 25GB free storage.
  4. There you will see an option to join the technical preview to edit the file.
  5. So, click on the link, read and accept the terms and conditions. It required Silverlight to be installed which will be instructed to download and install in case your computer still doesn’t have it.



Once you are done, then you will have several new options in your SkyDrive, especially for Word/Excel files.


Currently only Excel and Powerpoint works, at least for my case, as the other two apps still on their way for us.



So let us see what we have here. I tried the Excel and Powerpoint, both work quite well for me, with the familiar Office 2010 Ribbons design, thanks to Jensen who is one of the key designers behind the new Ribbon user interface introduced in Office 2007. Below are some sneak preview of those:





Option for permission


Comments available for shared files


Of course, don’t expect the features will be as rich as the installed version, as it is meant for simple creating and editing the documents needed in the office during emergency and it definitely not going to work if there’s no internet connection. However, it a good sign that Microsoft is trying to incorporate everything together to improve the users’ experience in using their products, thumbs up for them, even though for online previewing and editing I still relies on one of their biggest enemy, Google Docs.

Some screenshot was taken from Credit for them.

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