Tired of the same old desktop? Try BumpTop Free!

imageTalk about 3D desktop (3D graphic-rich desktop, not the recent famous 3D pop-out effect), apparently it’s not a new thing, at least for me. I still remember many years back there is some 3D desktop software (can’t recall the name of the software) bundled with nViDia graphic card that I purchased at that time; it’s fun and interactive enough, but it definitely not designed for practical usage. However, one can easily get bored with the same old desktop in Windows, though there is a lot of desktop customization software, but how about some 3D variant? Introducing you a very well-optimized 3D desktop software – BumpTop.

If you been updated with recent IT news, you might be aware that BumpTop has been purchased by Google, possibly for their own OS, Chrome OS and Android some 3D flavor. The news has been quite shocking for me as I didn’t find the software great enough to be purchased by Google, and apparently this is my impression about BumpTop after trying out their last year’s releases (lagging performance and incompatibilities). Thus, I have decided to give it another run to prove it’s worthiness. And sure – it did prove me that I am wrong.   

BumpTop is a software that enable a 3D desktop to replace your conventional 2D desktop, and fill you up with quite a number of features involve in the desktop. If you have no idea how does it look like, check the below screenshot:

imageBumpTop in action.

How about that? You can have all your shortcut icons, documents, images etc. on your desktop stack like a pile and accessing them is just a painless experience with BumpTop. You can have some documents enlarged so you can remember to view/edit them; built-in sticky note for you to write a reminder; Twitter and Facebook integration to ease status updating (as easy as dragging the photo to the Facebook icon and it will get uploaded); instant search by name (just start typing to find your file); customizable wallpapers and themes; different angle of views and a lot more! All of these features housed in this little nifty free application.

So you looking for BumpTop in live action? Here you go.

BumpTop 3D Desktop Demo (Windows and Mac)


OK, so now you are telling me you’re on. So how to get it? Hmmm… It’s a tricky one, although I mentioned that BumpTop is free, but sadly it’s no longer available to get downloaded. Since BumpTop get purchased by Google, they have decided to stop letting people getting their very last version of BumpTop (though it is available on the first week of May), even if you willing to pay. And here’s the official statement by them:

What now? You still insist to get it? OK. Let’s play a game: If you able to find my blog’s download section, BumpTop free is there for you. However, it is worth noting that I do not responsible for any consequences after you download and install BumpTop to your PC (fall in love with desktop; play around the physic of the icons for whole day etc.), so you take the risk yourself. And enjoy yourself a fun, interactive, and clean desktop!   


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