Fix (some) website display problem in Firefox installed with Strata Buddy [How To]


If you are a big fans of the mockup Firefox 3.7/4.0, most likely you will get your current Firefox 3.6/3.7 Alpha installed with Strata Buddy and Strata40 theme (if you haven’t, you can follow my guide that I have written previously).

With the latest update of Strata Buddy (0.61), the current Firefox can be modified to look closely to the design of mockup concept (especially the orange Firefox quick menu). However, with the latest update, I have found that my Firefox no longer display my blog correctly (with sidebar problem, screenshot below).

  WP_Problem The sidebar displayed at the bottom of the page instead of at the right side of the blog.

With a little bit of findings, I have found that the problem is actually caused by the conflicting of css. Not only with INove theme get affected, but several websites such as gizmodo and lifehacker are all affected as well. To solve the problem, someone in the bug list of Strata Buddy suggest to replace the old Glass.css with the new one which can be download here. As quoted from the post:

Try replacing the file %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<Your Firefox Profile>\extensions\StrataBuddy@ReduxTeam\skin\css\Glass.css with the file I have attached (remember to make a backup of the original file). It fixed the issue for me.

However, I am not sure the above directories is applicable to which Windows, as it doesn’t applied in my Windows 7 64-bit. Though, I have then found the file through


AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<Your Firefox Profile>\extensions\StrataBuddy@ReduxTeam\skin\css\Glass.css


and replaced with the new one, and Voila!, the problem has been solved. Anyway, I would like to apologize to support team as I have reported this issue to them, thinking it might be their problem without further investigation. My bad.


Also, if you are using Firefox 3.6/3.7 with Strata Buddy, you might find this (above) at your browser’s left top corner (Some weird graphic glitches). It is has been already listed in Strata Buddy bugs report and someone has suggested FoxTab is the culprit. I have tested it and found the info to be true. So if you can’t stand the graphic glitches for now, you can always disable the FoxTab plug-in until a fix coming from Strata Buddy.    

Enjoy the ‘new’ Firefox and wait patiently for the real deal from Mozilla!

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