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Can’t leave your social networks alone while browsing? Use Yoono! [Firefox]


In the recent years, all of the sudden everyone that able to access to the internet was talking about social networks, especially the advent of the now-famous Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. This can lead to a scenario for those crazy social networks fan: You are browsing some information for your assignment, but you don’t want to miss any updates from your friends (or someone-don’t-know-who) in your Facebook, Twitter, MSN, bla bla bla. Then you are thinking how to resolve this, without actually open up a new tab for Facebook, new tab for Twitter; that’s going to be quite a number of tabs just to keep updated from those social networks. So how? Use Yoono– I said.

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Fix (some) website display problem in Firefox installed with Strata Buddy [How To]


If you are a big fans of the mockup Firefox 3.7/4.0, most likely you will get your current Firefox 3.6/3.7 Alpha installed with Strata Buddy and Strata40 theme (if you haven’t, you can follow my guide that I have written previously).

With the latest update of Strata Buddy (0.61), the current Firefox can be modified to look closely to the design of mockup concept (especially the orange Firefox quick menu). However, with the latest update, I have found that my Firefox no longer display my blog correctly (with sidebar problem, screenshot below).

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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview. Finally a better browser?

image Few days back, Microsoft has released the first IE9 Preview Platform which focused on HTML5 (which Apple claimed that it can and it will beat Flash) and also hardware acceleration. No, it is not a fully functional web browser; all it can do is to demonstrate the improvements and new stuffs added into the future IE. 

In IE9, they have proudly present a new JavaScript engine, named ‘Chakra’ (Something that Naruto possessed a lot), that certainly work way better than their current IE8. If you would like to see the benchmark result, here you goes:

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Alternative to IE Tab in Firefox 3.6 – Coral IE Tab


Although most of the time, browsers other than Internet Explorer – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, are stable enough for daily usage, but there are certain times that some web pages, especially those Internet-Explorer-optimized one such as, it would be a better idea to render them in IE core to avoid any problems.

What if a Mozilla Firefox user want to do internet surfing all in one application only, without open up another IE instance? Yes, you can. There is a plug-in called IE Tab for Firefox, developed by a Chinese, but unfortunately, it seems that he has stopped the development of the plug-in and it has no longer work with Firefox 3.6 and higher.

Luckily, quaful has made another similar plug-in, called Coral IE Tab, which fully compatible with Firefox 3.6. Not only that, claimed by the author, Coral IE Tab is an enhanced version of IE Tab which enables you to use the embedded IE engine within tabs of Mozilla Firefox. It supports Adblock Plus in IE, and can sync cookies between IE and Firefox.

By reading some comments for the plug-in, it seems it has some minor bugs for rendering, but so far I have no problem using it to render IE-only pages in my Firefox 3.6. A big thanks to quaful for the wonderful plug-in and hopefully it will get updated frequently to be more stable.

How to read online article without annoying ads?


With the availability of tons of information on the world wide web, most of the internet users are using browsers to acquire information by reading online article (besides tons of downloading). However, nowadays, most of the website providing valuable information always look for some return, thus most of the time internet users will be bugged/annoyed by the animated flash advertisements or promotion texts (I hope you wouldn’t see that in my blog) which probably distract your concentration while reading the article.