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ppt2dvd-box-bgHave you ever in the situation where you need to share a PowerPoint presentation and only find out that there is no PowerPoint software available for you to use? Or you have your company profile and product introductions nicely inserted into PowerPoint slides and only find out that you are only able to present it in video form during exhibition? Or you want to do some advertisement for your shop but have no idea how to make one? If you are, you might have a funny idea. “Can I convert my PowerPoint presentation into a video/DVD so I can share and display without any software or even a computer?”  Then you heard some voice telling you “Wish granted”.

Yes, your idea isn’t an impossible one. And all these made possible by Wondershare. Being their flagship product, Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro, as the name suggested, is a tool that assist you in converting your PowerPoint presentation into a video, either in DVD or some other video format. You can then have the DVD shared among your friends or colleagues, or even upload to your favorite video sharing website (Youtube, anyone?)

Sure, you must be thinking the conversion will take ages and requires some specific skills to do it. Well, no. I would like to think that my 6 years-old  niece can do it, with Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro. The software offers quite a number of customization options for the conversion, but if you are in a hurry or you aren’t a power user, those options can be ignored and your conversion will probably start to convert with only a few clicks (which doesn’t require more than 30 seconds).


PowerPoint presentation to DVD/Video

2010-07-22 00h45_11

Once you run the software, it gives you a nice and simple head start on whether you want to create a DVD or video files from you PowerPoint presentation (screenshot above). Create a standard DVD will require an empty DVD in your disc burner, however, if you somehow running out of empty disc, you can also create an iso file (image file) using Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro to produce the DVD later.

If you not keen on producing a DVD, you can always convert your presentation slides into some famous video formats in order to share online or transfer to your portable device for easy viewing. Not sure about the video specification that your portable device supported? Don’t worry, Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro is smart enough to include most, if not all, compatible video settings for the portable devices in the market, so you have one problem less using the software. (You can have a user defined setting as well)

Powerful PowerPoint-Video conversion engine

Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro has one of the most powerful conversion engine which supports all PowerPoint format, includes the latest .pptx file created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – up to 12 PowerPoint presentation files at a time. Not only that, everything in the PowerPoint presentation will be retained in the video, including all animations, transition effects (yes, even 3D transitions), gif images, sounds, video clips, narrations and even hyperlinks (in DVD manual mode). If you have some inserted audios in the presentation slides, Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro taking care of them by using the Wondershare Sound Recorder to include them into the video.   

Easy-to-customize DVD settings and menu

2010-07-22 12h29_37

Besides the powerful conversion engine, one of the feature that I liked the most is the ease of customizing the DVD settings and menu. Wondershare has taken their time to create a easy-to-use DVD menu customizer (screenshot above) which only requires dragging and text editing. They also provides quite a number of templates that are suitable to use in many occasions, which is a big plus for those having zero knowledge about creating the DVD menu. A professional DVD menu can be created for your presentation within a few clicks, +1 to Wondershare.

If you like to produce a unique presentation DVD of your own, you can have your presentation DVD running in manual mode, just like when you doing presentation using PowerPoint software (next, previous etc.), in your DVD player. Besides that, you can easily add logo, change background, margin size, and background music using the software. Everything become so simple with Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro!  

Easy DVD burning and multiple video format

2010-07-22 00h48_00

Come with a built-in burner program, Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro doesn’t require you to use a third party software to do the burning – all can be done within the same software. Just pop in your empty DVD, either is a DVDR or DVDRW, and it will do the job for you once you done setting up your presentation. If you doesn’t want to create a DVD from the PowerPoint presentation, you can also convert it into some video files, such as .avi, .wmv, .mpeg4 etc. (there are around 130 device-specific video formats in the software, screenshot above), and share it online, either in video sharing site, ftp server, email, Facebook – you name it. With device-specific video settings, you doesn’t have to worry about the playability in a specific settings – Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro has the best optimized setting for you to use.   

Test Run

Now let’s see how fast can Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro convert a PowerPoint slides into a video. A PowerPoint slides uploaded to by mahasahi with the title ‘Gaming Industry’ is used for the test run (No, I don’t know the author, I just randomly pick one PowerPoint file from Scribd). It is a 44 slides PowerPoint presentation, with quite a number of images, texts, and animation gif. I have converted it into a .pptx format using my Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (32 bit) and apply every single transition effects available in PowerPoint 2010 into the presentation; it ended up at a size or 7.6MB.

For the video format, I have chosen to convert it into a MPEG-4 Video (same format as DVD used), resolution 1280×720 30fps, and auto transition at 6 seconds. After two times test run (just to confirm whether the conversion time is consistent), I have found that the software used around 12 minutes (can be vary depends on your computer specifications) for the whole conversion to be complete (5.56 minutes for generating temporary video files, 5.45 minutes for generating the final video, to be exact), which is quite impressive, seeing that the video output is at the 720p HD. I can see all the transition effects are retained and rendered well, with animation gif animated smoothly in the video.

Below I have uploaded the sample of conversion to YouTube for you to see the output from the software. Please be informed that the video below is a resized one (I have no choice but my ISP won’t allow me to upload a HD video), but it should be adequate enough to feel the powerful conversion engine in Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro.  

Output example

PowerPoint converted to Video using PPT2DVD Pro.


  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit/64 bit)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 (32 bit only at the moment, it will be upgrade soon)
  • A DVD-burner rom (for burning DVD presentation)

Where to download/test/buy

The product page is accessible at, which also provide you a trial version of the software without any functional limitation (only a watermark logo in your converted videos or DVD), so you can have the trial run as many time before you make the decision to buy. This useful software, especially for business company, is only at $99.95, and now they are offering a bundle of PPT2DVD Pro and PPT2Flash Standard at the same price, which is a steal. 

Editor’s Note

I have to say Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro is a very professional software that taking care what a user need. Within just a few clicks, a full PowerPoint presentation slides can be converted into a DVD/Video using a minimum time (and you can have more time doing your PowerPoint presentation), which I think it is worth the price. If you are looking for the software that can assist you in converting your PowerPoint presentation slides into a video, look no further, give Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro a try – you might be surprised by it’s simplicity in conversion procedures.

I would like to thanks Wondershare for giving me this opportunity to review their flagship product.


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