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Review on Nokia X6-00 Comes With Music Edition


On the Thursday evening, I was lucky enough to attend a Nokia Music Explorers event held in Royale Bintang Damansara (All thanks to Nokia and TXT100). Basically it is an event all about the yet-to-release Nokia music service, and of course, the yet-to-release Nokia X6-00 (00 means not yet finalised if not mistaken). 50 of the lucky music lovers (me included XD) have been given a brand new Nokia X6 device and one year subscription of Comes With Music service, which is a service that allows you to download unlimited (yes, you doesn’t read it wrong) songs off their Ovi Player LEGALLY, and before you ask, yes, the service does include latest songs and albums (still updating though).

The event went pretty smooth, despite of some ‘epic fail’ moments (not going to tell you what, but something to do with Lenovo). You can almost expect everyone is only waiting for the arrival of their Nokia X6; and I believe all will be agree with me that the most exciting part in the event certainly is the unboxing moment.

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