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How to upload a file(s) to multiple file hosting services at the same time?


If you are a frequent file sharer (in a legal and free way of course) such as office documents, family videos etc, you might choose to upload those files to file hosting services such as the popular Rapidshare, Megaupload etc and share the file by sending the link to download. But there are always possible problems in this way of sharing: Some might not able to download all the files you uploaded to the particular file hosting service because of some free account limitations; some might have downloading problem with specific file hosting services (slow speed, frequent cutoff), thus you can’t really satisfy everyone if you only using a file hosting service. You might think that ‘Well, I can just upload to several file hosting site, then my problem solved!’. Yes, you are right, but it only applicable to small file sharing, but what if you going to share a few hundred MBytes of file/archive, are you going to do the same thing? Unless your internet upload speed is lightning fast, you wouldn’t want to waste your time by uploading the same file to multiple file hosting services, so what you can do?