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Fix the Nokia Symbian 60 5th Edition WSOD [How To]


It was one day that I found my Nokia X6 restarted itself (most likely due to memory leaking or something) and it decided to stuck at the famous blue NOKIA boot screen. It doesn’t boot into the main screen even though after a few times on/off actions, which certainly make me worried (phone dead?).

But luckily I have found a solution posted in lowyat.net forum which certainly revive my phone within a minute. Here’s how:

The WSOD occurs when the firmware boot analysis failed to verify the integrity of memory card. This could happen due to improper plug out the memory card from computer or a laptop without terminating the active connection "Safely Remove Hardware" or force the phone to shutdown with taking out battery few times; all these can lead to a corrupted memory card. (Author: Even though there is no memory card in Nokia X6, but this still happens to my phone)

It is almost the same like a desktop/laptop computer; the more you make improper shutdown, the more problem will rise on the next restart.

It is advisable to make a full backup of memory card in computer, just to avoid the lost of data due to crash.

When you having an issue with your Nokia 5800XM/Nokia N97(and Nokia X6) that it simply couldn’t boot up which stuck at Nokia logo, the only way out was to do hard reset. Now, no more hard reset again after I playing around with battery, SIM, SD/SDHC, headphones and charger random insertion and removal.

All you need is:
– Nokia Nokia 5800XM / Nokia N97 / Nokia X6 (Or any S60 5th Edition I guess?)
– Charger

Follow these steps:
1. Turn OFF your phone.
2. Insert charger.
3. Remove charger right after screen lights up.
4. Wait for a couple of seconds until the screen turns off. After that press power button.
5. After the standard vibration notification, put your charger in.
6. You can now insert your PIN again.
7. Profit!?

Note: The above quote has been modified a little bit by myself. The original unmodified version can be accessed here. Hope the original author wouldn’t mind this. 😛

I have tried the above method to boot my Nokia X6 and it works like charm. I was trying around with theme effect before the phone decided to stuck at the NOKIA word (or WSOD), so I suppose it might have some kind of bug related to the theme effects? Nevertheless, I am glad my phone is back right up and hope this can help you if you face the same problem.