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Bloggers and Twitterati Briefing & Feedback Session with TM

TMOn the 17th December 2010, TM (or better known as Telekom Malaysia) has held an exclusive briefing and feedback session in Menara TM, and I am invited by them to attend the event, together with another 20-30 bloggers and tweepers, and I have been informed that it was their second time for such an event – larger group for this time. I must first say Thanks to TM (and Azura, such a cute girl) for inviting me and held such an event for us to understand more about their plan, intention, problems etc. I really see a better transparency there, in term of information flow, but of course, there are plenty of things that can be improved. Anyhow, the intention of such session is really good in my opinion, and I hope they will continue doing it (as promised by them) every half year or so for an update for every influencers and customers.

1292589726555The event started with a little bit of introduction after we enjoyed the dinner prepared for us, and some presentations by a few key person in TM about the recent High Speed Broadband (HSBB) services and traffic management issues. After that there is an hour plus Q&A session between the attendees and the management team, which revealed some interesting information.

Some of the key information that I think most of the TM customers (especially Streamyx and UniFi users) will be interested in are listed below in summary style:

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