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Rich text signature installed for Gmail users

2010-07-09 21h58_11Gmail users now have another reason to be in love with their mail client – rich text signature is finally there in Gmail. Now you can use a rich text signature in Gmail, which allows you to add images and links, change font properties, alignment etc., just like in your email.

The rich text signature editing panel can be found at the usual location for signature, which can be accessed by “Settings > Signature”. You will be greet by a familiar editing panel for your rich text signature. (Screenshot below)

Not just that, if you happen to have more than one email address associated with your Gmail account, now it allows you to have different signature for different email address. Pretty good feature I must say, considering many PC users nowadays usually will have more than one email address for different purposes. 

If you still aren’t a Gmail user, why not register yourself one and see what Gmail can do for you? It might impressed you. Log on to www.gmail.com to register.

2010-07-09 21h56_59