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How to protect your online (P2P) privacy? PeerBlock!


You are now reading this post via my own blog site, hosted by wordpress.com. And everything work so magically that you don’t even have to memorize my blog IP address if you have my blog subscribed, bookmarked or fed. All these thanks to the internet, including all the protocols/standards like HTTP, TCP/IP, WWW etc. If you realized (I am pretty sure you are if you reading this), internet has become part of the necessities for most of the people: Email, Instant Messaging, Social Networking, Multimedia and there are hundreds of different usages by using internet. Not only that, there are numerous of methods to get connected to the internet if you think about it: ADSL, WiFi, WiMax, HSDPA, WAP, GPRS, EDGE, 3.5G etc., you name it. But just how many of the internet users concern about their privacy on the line? Many would install anti-virus, internet security suite, but it doesn’t help if you got your own information like Mobile Phone No, Date of Birth, Home Address, all posted on social networking sites, for example Facebook.

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