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[How To] Play nVidia Tegra Zone games on Nexus S

I love Android. I love the customizability it provides. But I really hates the fragmentation in Android devices. From the availability of the low, mid, and high range of devices, and *exclusive* nVIDIA Tegra Zone games for Tegra-powered devices, I personally don’t see that it is a healthy one, especially for the end user. Most of the so-called nVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset optimized games are purely gimmicks – they actually works very well on non-Tegra powered high end devices, such as Nexus S which is powered by PowerVR GPU. However, some sort of workaround is needed, and unfortunately some of the Tegra High Definition (THD) games doesn’t work properly. I have tested Sprinkle and Riptide GP, both titles that is so-called optimized for Tegra-powered devices, works well on the Nexus S (I believe they will work well on other previous high-end Android devices). To enable your high-end Android devices to play THD games, check the step-by-step guide after the break.

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