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IPM (images per minute) in new Canon printer


It is not strange that a printer claiming that it can print a high number of pages per minute (ppm), which always be the first criteria referred by the end user before they decided to buy it. But does it really able to print that fast? I had a Canon ip3300 which just dead couple days ago that have a rating of a whooping (not so I know) 25ppm for black printing in fast (draft) quality. I did some testing last time where I printed a set of document that has around 50 pages, and of course I expect it will be ready for me to collect within 3 minutes. But apparently it did not; took it around 5 minutes to print all the pages that are full of words in draft quality. As a conclusion, the printing speed rating in ppm is not accurate as there is no standard on which type of document (full of words, one line of words etc.) used in the printing speed test. But still ppm is always referred as printing speed for all the different brand printers.

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