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Windows version of Mac OSX and Linux ‘Exposé’ feature [Vista/7]

imageIf you are currently using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you probably knew about the new replacement for the conventional Alt-Tab Application Switcher, the Windows Flip (only can be used with Aero-activated), activated by Win+Tab (as depicted by the screenshot below). Though it does look pretty nice, but it isn’t practical enough to replace the conventional Alt-Tab; it doesn’t give enough view for the windows in the queue, and it is pretty wasting time for the user to scroll through the whole list of windows (imagine there is more than 20 windows opened at the same time). What about a feature to let you have a glance on all windows, without compromising the nice transition effects and practicality? (Hint: Mac OS X Exposé)


Windows Flip in action. Nice to see, once broken, considered failed.

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