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How to put custom header image for INove theme in WordPress.com?

imageSince I launched this blog, I always looking for great theme for it. Unfortunately at that time I doesn’t know that wordpress.com doesn’t offer custom themes upload, which is understandable since they want to make sure all the themes works good with their wordpress software. There is a plan to shift the blog to wordpress.org, but not at the moment. So instead of changing to self-hosted one, I decided to change a new look to Techie Talkz.

There are several good themes available in wordpress.com, and I believe the number will increase in the near future. After a few round of choosing, I decided to have a go with INove theme. This is a very popular theme used by many self-hosted wordpress blog and just available to everyone in wordpress.com few months back. It looks nice, clean, Mac-ish look, and also has some extra functions exclusive for itself. But it kind of a drawback that it doesn’t natively support custom header image. (Doable but not in a simple way anyway)