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[Android 4.0] Ice Cream Sandwich GUI Design Kits in PSD

15AUG2012: Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit is updated to 3.0 and released at AndroidUIUX!

29FEB2012: Android Team have officially provided the Android Design Stencils in Adobe Photoshop format! Awesome!

26FEB2012: Android ICS GUI Design Kits updated to 2.0.1!

19JAN2012: Android ICS GUI Design Kits updated to 2.0!


1.1: Added more stock ICS GUI elements. Refer below for details.

2.0: Based on the official Android Design by Android Team, most of the ICS GUI stock elements have been added. Below image shows a summary of the content.

2.0.1: Added the Back Arrow for the top action bar. Thanks Andy!


I have been designing mock up of Android app in Adobe Photoshop and I find that a GUI Design Kit is extremely important, and I thought there isn’t any good (and simple) one in the wild, so I have decided to make this Android ICS GUI Design Kit for two different resolutions and dpi:

  • 720×1280 320dpi – Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • 480×800 240 dpi – Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S II

The main idea of this GUI Design Kit is not making everything scalable to the unfortunate fragmentation occurs in Android, but just provide some stock elements of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in one .psd file so app designer can really focus on creating awesome mock up to show developers/clients. Some of the elements are just single layer of image from ICS, but I thought they are pretty adequate for mock up purpose.