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How to shorten a website URL? Use Google URL shortener – Goo.gl


Are you an internet freak that always share a lots of websites to your friends, which obviously involved a lot of URL link? Or sometimes you simply want to share or show some websites to your friend but you can only send limited character messages i.e. SMS, and you wouldn’t want to type the whole URL to your friend which probably involved more than 50 characters? It doesn’t matter what’s the situation is, but if you are going to share some URL to your friend, you are always encouraged to use a URL shortener. If you doesn’t know what is an URL shortener, here you go: URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web where a provider makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address (source: Wikipedia). You might be wondering the use of it since there’s copy/paste and hell lot of ways of sharing URL, but sometimes you will just need it. You could just give the shortened URL to your friend through phone during urgent case; you also able to share some URL (or file) through the shortened one if you are publishing some kind of reading material for your readers.

URL shortener is not a new thing in World Wide Web, and if not mistaken it all started from tinyurl, and the current mainstream URL shortener would be bit.ly (not sure though, it’s based on my experience). Goo.gl, is a new URL shortener by Google (pretty obvious eh?) that did almost the same thing as the mentioned services, so there aren’t any new breakthrough in it, but it is very fresh as it just released not so long ago. But (Google products always a but huh?) it is not available to use except in their products, Google toolbar and Feedburner at the moment. I am not sure why they are doing this, but with the expert coders around the world, now we could just easily access and generate goo.gl URL without installing them. Here’s how: