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First DOTA 2 Q&A from Ice Frog is available!

DOTA2_Unofficial_Wallpaper (Small)Unofficial DOTA2 Wallpaper made by me. All credits to their original creators.

Who would think that a mod for a game would have a huge success? One of the most successful mod for the Blizzard’s Warcraft III, the Defence of the Ancients (or DotA) now has a very huge player base, and has been widely used in many game leagues/events. Because of this unexpected success, now Valve Corporation have hired Ice Frog, the current developer that currently maintaining and publishing updates to the DotA game (version 6.69b at the time of writing), and went ahead to trademark the name ‘DOTA’ for their own use. Obviously, the original creator of the game Warcraft III, Blizzard Corporation wasn’t too happy about that, but it doesn’t seems to stop Valve Corporation from announcing and developing their new action RPG game, DOTA 2, and Ice Frog have just released the first Q&A regarding the new DOTA 2, which give the current DotA players what to expect in the new DOTA 2:

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