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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Open Beta is up!


imageCommand & Conquer 4 allows C&C fans to finally experience the epic conclusion to one of gaming’s most beloved and longest-running series, the 15-year Tiberium saga. Kane. GDI. Nod. Tiberium. How will it end? Find out in Command & Conquer 4, told through persistent player progression, trademark live-action cinematics, and a multitude of innovations to the classic fast and fluid Command & Conquer gameplay.

Now is your opportunity to be a part to the development of Command & Conquer 4 by participating in this exclusive Beta program! Choose your class and command more units than EVER in a C&C game, as you team up and take on your opponents in 5-on-5 online battles! Strategize with your teammates or talk smack to your opponents over VOIP in fast, fun, and furious C&C action. We want to hear your feedback to help us deliver the C&C experience that you want when the game ships!

Exclusively on Gamespot, all you need to do is to register a Gamespot account (if you doesn’t have it previously), then claim your C&C4:TT Open Beta Key! After that just follow the instruction to redeem the code (you need to have an EA account for this; no worry, you can register a new one as well), then download the beta installer, and Play!

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