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Android (finally) gets a new App Store: Web-based Android Market

marketqWhile Google is busy with Android 2.3 (Codename: Gingerbread) release, they have already announced and launched Android 3.0 (Codename: Honeycomb) for tablet, and it is a pretty impressive tablet OS if you’d ask me. If you are interested to see how it performs, check out the hands-on of Motorola Xoom running Honeycomb by Engadget.

Besides launching Android 3.0, Google has also finally launched a web-based Android Market which is long-awaited by all the Android users. Though there is already an Android Market previously, but it is pretty useless app browsing site. The new Android Market will now allow the users to install apps OTA (Over-The-Air), and have a better overview of the app in the larger screen. Besides that, it is now easier to manage the apps in your different Android devices, given that you have registered them under the same Google credential. Try to install a high end game in your low end Android device – the Android Market wouldn’t allow you to do so – a step to prevent the infamous (hardware) fragmentation issue affecting the users.

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