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How to run Android in HTC Touch Diamond?

Update 28/01/2011: Seems like there are many HTC WinMo device user still looking into the Android boot. I am sorry but the guide below is no longer valid since it is already one year old, and there are tons of update since then. I suggest you guys look into this thread in xda-developer instead:


It seems that now the Android boot become easier. Check the thread out and don’t hesitate to share anything cool!


If you are PDA-phone fan, most likely you know the Google’s open source mobile operating system – Android. With the recent released Google Nexus One, Android operating system has become more popular in smartphone and it is expected to be more devices supporting Android, although it going to take some time (but it won’t be too long since Android is open source and free) if Android wanted to take Windows Mobile down.

I have a HTC Touch Diamond which still running it’s stock rom at Windows Mobile 6.1 although the wide variety of WinMo 6.5 available in XDA-Developer forum. You might wonder why I did not update the phone; I simply disappointed with Windows Mobile. Many of my friends agreed with me that Windows Mobile device doesn’t deliver what it has promised. And time for customizing and fixing problem(s) probably more than the practical usage of the device. Did I mentioned that the manufacturer of the smartphone will abandon a 1 year-old phone without letting them upgrade to the latest Windows Mobile, even with a chargeable cost? (Like my HTC Touch Diamond) Of course you can use the device without installing anything and run it in default available settings, but soon you will find that there are a lot of inadequacy in Windows Mobile. Heck, who is going to have a Windows Mobile device without installing some cool apps and games?

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