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Alternative to Google Reader – Feedly [RSS Reader]

With the wide availability of RSS feed for tons of website, such as Blogs, News, Forums etc, tracking the latest news for particular topic couldn’t be more easier. Since the wide coverage, a lot of software/services like Windows Live Mail, Google Reader etc. offer the RSS feed subscription function, putting all subscribed feeds from the concerned website under one place to ease the reading. For me, I have been using Google Reader for quite sometime and I must say it is a good web service by Google and serve its purpose very well for me (except the long-time-requested theme customization like in Gmail which Google still failed to deliver). Though if you really bored of the Google Reader classic theme, and you are on Firefox, you can always install the Google Redesigned theme from GlobexDesigns.com (Firefox Plug-in) to change the interface and it certainly breathe new life into Google Reader (Check screenshot below).

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