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[iOS] Air Video – App That Plays Any Video Wirelessly

When the Apple iPad being announced, Steve Jobs have mentioned that it can be used to play video for a continuous 10 hours, which is impressive for a tablet, and it is definitely a plus to watch video on the LED-backlit IPS display on the iPad. However, iPad (or rather iOS) doesn’t natively support all the video formats, and it have a quite limited storage space (maximum up to 64GB), therefore, minus all the songs, apps, games, e-books etc., it might be an issue to store a few full length movies in the iPad.

Air Video plays/converts your video wirelessly

This is where Air Video comes in. This app is able to solve both issue altogether, and extend what an iPad can do. In short, Air Video is able to play the any movies stored in your PC or Mac directly on the iPad wirelessly (even on 3G!) with live conversion, or convert them wirelessly for offline viewing.

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