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Play Starcraft II Beta with AI Offline [How To]

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Update 02-08-2010: Since StarCraft 2 has been released, this guide is no longer effective as SC2ALLin1 launcher has now transformed into a handy offline SC2 retail launcher! Just install the retail version with your activated and you can use the launcher to launch a skirmish game without login.

Hint: If you still kept/found the beta client and the older version of SC2ALLin1, you can still try to install it and play StarCraft 2 Beta offline with AI, but you can’t enjoy the updates from Blizzard which will improve the game. If you like the game, please buy the game to support the developer!

Previously I had putting up a guideline on allowing non-beta tester to play StarCraft II Beta offline, without actually having to be a part of the closed-beta test. Two months has been passed and Blizzard had released not less than 12 patches to fix bugs and add in new feature (Map Editor etc.), and thus probably the previously linked method doesn’t work well if the game has been patched. At the same time, the famous StarCrack AI has been gradually updated to a very challenging version based on the changes made by Blizzard (7.0.3 at the time of writing). Read on to find out how to play StarCraft II Beta offline without a beta account.

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Facebook Game (Tycoon etc.) problem in Firefox? Update your NoScript!


If you are a Tycoons gamer on Facebook, and you found that there are some problem in the game using Firefox (mine is 3.6.2), chances are you have your Firefox installed with NoScript as well. And most likely you are having the NoScript version of

I have the problem in Tycoons since few days back where I can’t load the page for:

Player list for sending gift

Go back to the gift list after accepting a gift

Both pages showing the error “The page you requested was not found”. Even by allowing all the script in those pages of Tycoons doesn’t help in the problem. So, I have found that to fix the problem, get the development build of NoScript which is v1.9.9.59. Click on the hyperlinked development build once you enter the page mentioned. After installing the dev build of NoScript, you will find that the problem in Tycoons (and possible other game) will be solved.

New to Nokia? Get your free Ovi Guide from Nokia!



imageIf you just get yourself a new Nokia mobile phone and you are still new about the Ovi services offered by Nokia, here is your chance to understand and explore all Ovi services in this free issue of Ovi Guide 01 in English.

In the e-magazine, Steel Media in UK (Publisher of Ovi Guide) has included the introduction to all Ovi Services, some guidelines to utilize those service, some game and application reviews, and my favourite section – recommendation of application and game for your Nokia mobile phone.

Check it out even if you has been using Nokia phone for quite some time, you might find surprises inside. You can view the e-magazine at issuu; but if you wanted to download it to keep in your PC, you have to register yourself at Enjoy the free e-magazine from Nokia!

Windows Live Essential Wave 4 (Beta) leaked!


Finally, after a long time of lack-of-update period for Microsoft Windows Live Services, we are able to have some test drives on the latest update of Windows Live Essential that intended to be released to closed beta testers. In the package, it can be found that there are 3 beta programs included: Windows Live Messenger Beta, Windows Live Mail Beta, and Windows Live Writer Beta, along with some other small applications (You can have a glance on the screenshot below).

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Fix (some) website display problem in Firefox installed with Strata Buddy [How To]


If you are a big fans of the mockup Firefox 3.7/4.0, most likely you will get your current Firefox 3.6/3.7 Alpha installed with Strata Buddy and Strata40 theme (if you haven’t, you can follow my guide that I have written previously).

With the latest update of Strata Buddy (0.61), the current Firefox can be modified to look closely to the design of mockup concept (especially the orange Firefox quick menu). However, with the latest update, I have found that my Firefox no longer display my blog correctly (with sidebar problem, screenshot below).

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