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Fix the Nokia Symbian 60 5th Edition WSOD [How To]


It was one day that I found my Nokia X6 restarted itself (most likely due to memory leaking or something) and it decided to stuck at the famous blue NOKIA boot screen. It doesn’t boot into the main screen even though after a few times on/off actions, which certainly make me worried (phone dead?).

But luckily I have found a solution posted in forum which certainly revive my phone within a minute. Here’s how:

The WSOD occurs when the firmware boot analysis failed to verify the integrity of memory card. This could happen due to improper plug out the memory card from computer or a laptop without terminating the active connection "Safely Remove Hardware" or force the phone to shutdown with taking out battery few times; all these can lead to a corrupted memory card. (Author: Even though there is no memory card in Nokia X6, but this still happens to my phone)

It is almost the same like a desktop/laptop computer; the more you make improper shutdown, the more problem will rise on the next restart.

It is advisable to make a full backup of memory card in computer, just to avoid the lost of data due to crash.

When you having an issue with your Nokia 5800XM/Nokia N97(and Nokia X6) that it simply couldn’t boot up which stuck at Nokia logo, the only way out was to do hard reset. Now, no more hard reset again after I playing around with battery, SIM, SD/SDHC, headphones and charger random insertion and removal.

All you need is:
– Nokia Nokia 5800XM / Nokia N97 / Nokia X6 (Or any S60 5th Edition I guess?)
– Charger

Follow these steps:
1. Turn OFF your phone.
2. Insert charger.
3. Remove charger right after screen lights up.
4. Wait for a couple of seconds until the screen turns off. After that press power button.
5. After the standard vibration notification, put your charger in.
6. You can now insert your PIN again.
7. Profit!?

Note: The above quote has been modified a little bit by myself. The original unmodified version can be accessed here. Hope the original author wouldn’t mind this. 😛

I have tried the above method to boot my Nokia X6 and it works like charm. I was trying around with theme effect before the phone decided to stuck at the NOKIA word (or WSOD), so I suppose it might have some kind of bug related to the theme effects? Nevertheless, I am glad my phone is back right up and hope this can help you if you face the same problem.

Play StarCraft 2 Beta offline with AI Now!


It seems like nothing can stop those expert coder to hack the StarCraft 2 Beta to be playable to everyone (I guess they hate Blizzard so much that they make it a closed beta? :/). Now playing against AI is no longer an issue in the hacked offline SC2. 

As usual, head to gamingnewslink for the full tutorial on how to add AI in the previously play-it-on-you-own SC2 beta. If you have done the offline patch, what you need to do is to download a map with AI off from the links provided in gamingnewslink, then you can start the killing right away. But you might find that the AI is a little bit too easy to your taste; no worry, there is an additional AI group working on it, namely StarCrack AI, with the current version of 5.5 at the time of writing. 

Would really love to thanks Lazy_Town for their effort to let us play this most legendary sequel RTS game in PC world. Keep it up and keep them coming!

Alternative to IE Tab in Firefox 3.6 – Coral IE Tab


Although most of the time, browsers other than Internet Explorer – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, are stable enough for daily usage, but there are certain times that some web pages, especially those Internet-Explorer-optimized one such as, it would be a better idea to render them in IE core to avoid any problems.

What if a Mozilla Firefox user want to do internet surfing all in one application only, without open up another IE instance? Yes, you can. There is a plug-in called IE Tab for Firefox, developed by a Chinese, but unfortunately, it seems that he has stopped the development of the plug-in and it has no longer work with Firefox 3.6 and higher.

Luckily, quaful has made another similar plug-in, called Coral IE Tab, which fully compatible with Firefox 3.6. Not only that, claimed by the author, Coral IE Tab is an enhanced version of IE Tab which enables you to use the embedded IE engine within tabs of Mozilla Firefox. It supports Adblock Plus in IE, and can sync cookies between IE and Firefox.

By reading some comments for the plug-in, it seems it has some minor bugs for rendering, but so far I have no problem using it to render IE-only pages in my Firefox 3.6. A big thanks to quaful for the wonderful plug-in and hopefully it will get updated frequently to be more stable.

Enable endless page for Google Search in Firefox! [How To]


Do you find that whenever you search for something in search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, it is always quite annoyed that you have to click for the next page after you looked into the previous page? What about an endless page in just one tab in Firefox and search them all? You got it!

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How to read online article without annoying ads?


With the availability of tons of information on the world wide web, most of the internet users are using browsers to acquire information by reading online article (besides tons of downloading). However, nowadays, most of the website providing valuable information always look for some return, thus most of the time internet users will be bugged/annoyed by the animated flash advertisements or promotion texts (I hope you wouldn’t see that in my blog) which probably distract your concentration while reading the article.

How to run Android in HTC Touch Diamond?

Update 28/01/2011: Seems like there are many HTC WinMo device user still looking into the Android boot. I am sorry but the guide below is no longer valid since it is already one year old, and there are tons of update since then. I suggest you guys look into this thread in xda-developer instead:

It seems that now the Android boot become easier. Check the thread out and don’t hesitate to share anything cool!


If you are PDA-phone fan, most likely you know the Google’s open source mobile operating system – Android. With the recent released Google Nexus One, Android operating system has become more popular in smartphone and it is expected to be more devices supporting Android, although it going to take some time (but it won’t be too long since Android is open source and free) if Android wanted to take Windows Mobile down.

I have a HTC Touch Diamond which still running it’s stock rom at Windows Mobile 6.1 although the wide variety of WinMo 6.5 available in XDA-Developer forum. You might wonder why I did not update the phone; I simply disappointed with Windows Mobile. Many of my friends agreed with me that Windows Mobile device doesn’t deliver what it has promised. And time for customizing and fixing problem(s) probably more than the practical usage of the device. Did I mentioned that the manufacturer of the smartphone will abandon a 1 year-old phone without letting them upgrade to the latest Windows Mobile, even with a chargeable cost? (Like my HTC Touch Diamond) Of course you can use the device without installing anything and run it in default available settings, but soon you will find that there are a lot of inadequacy in Windows Mobile. Heck, who is going to have a Windows Mobile device without installing some cool apps and games?

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