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The best homescreen theme for Nokia X6 – Orange Tsunami [Symbian 60 5th]


If you own a Nokia touch-screen device with Symbian 60 5th edition, I am pretty sure you’d complaining the limited choices of the homescreen in the device (except N97 and N97 mini, they are widget-supported which I still don’t understand why it doesn’t get ported to other Symbian 60 5th Edition phone). The best homescreen provided by Nokia is the ‘Contact Bar’ (screenshot at left), which seems nice at first glance, but it does take up huge amount of RAM, and laggy. Compared to the widget homescreen in N97/N97 mini (screenshot at right), the default homescreen doesn’t really seems appeal for long-time smartphone users (at least for me). I was always hoping someone is able to port the N97 homescreen to other phones, and apparently someone did it, though it is still in beta stage and there is no easy way to get installed in Nokia X6/5800/5530.  

                  image image

                                ‘Contact Bar’ Homescreen                        N97 Homescreen

But after being a Nokia X6 owner for about half a year, it seems that my hope has been realized (though not the native widget homescreen in N97, but still far more better than the default one) – Introducing Orange Tsunami Homescreen. If you have no idea how this homescreen looks like, screenshots after the jump.

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New to Nokia? Get your free Ovi Guide from Nokia!



imageIf you just get yourself a new Nokia mobile phone and you are still new about the Ovi services offered by Nokia, here is your chance to understand and explore all Ovi services in this free issue of Ovi Guide 01 in English.

In the e-magazine, Steel Media in UK (Publisher of Ovi Guide) has included the introduction to all Ovi Services, some guidelines to utilize those service, some game and application reviews, and my favourite section – recommendation of application and game for your Nokia mobile phone.

Check it out even if you has been using Nokia phone for quite some time, you might find surprises inside. You can view the e-magazine at issuu; but if you wanted to download it to keep in your PC, you have to register yourself at Enjoy the free e-magazine from Nokia!