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How to check your blog/website in all kind of different browsers/operating systems?


Alright, so you have done a very nice looking blog/website and ready to rock and roll. You would like to test how is your newly created web look in different browsers, or even in different operating systems. Chances are you only have one or two browsers in your Windows, and it will be very rare if you have two or three different operating systems in your PC. But you doesn’t want your new website looks broken in any computer, so what can you do? Manually install every single browsers available in the market seems to be a working solution, but you only able to test it in one or two operating systems. How about Linux? Or Mac OSX? It’s totally a headache job to do, and probably if you outsource such a project, it will cost you something.

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How to upload a file(s) to multiple file hosting services at the same time?


If you are a frequent file sharer (in a legal and free way of course) such as office documents, family videos etc, you might choose to upload those files to file hosting services such as the popular Rapidshare, Megaupload etc and share the file by sending the link to download. But there are always possible problems in this way of sharing: Some might not able to download all the files you uploaded to the particular file hosting service because of some free account limitations; some might have downloading problem with specific file hosting services (slow speed, frequent cutoff), thus you can’t really satisfy everyone if you only using a file hosting service. You might think that ‘Well, I can just upload to several file hosting site, then my problem solved!’. Yes, you are right, but it only applicable to small file sharing, but what if you going to share a few hundred MBytes of file/archive, are you going to do the same thing? Unless your internet upload speed is lightning fast, you wouldn’t want to waste your time by uploading the same file to multiple file hosting services, so what you can do?

How to shorten a website URL? Use Google URL shortener –


Are you an internet freak that always share a lots of websites to your friends, which obviously involved a lot of URL link? Or sometimes you simply want to share or show some websites to your friend but you can only send limited character messages i.e. SMS, and you wouldn’t want to type the whole URL to your friend which probably involved more than 50 characters? It doesn’t matter what’s the situation is, but if you are going to share some URL to your friend, you are always encouraged to use a URL shortener. If you doesn’t know what is an URL shortener, here you go: URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web where a provider makes a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address (source: Wikipedia). You might be wondering the use of it since there’s copy/paste and hell lot of ways of sharing URL, but sometimes you will just need it. You could just give the shortened URL to your friend through phone during urgent case; you also able to share some URL (or file) through the shortened one if you are publishing some kind of reading material for your readers.

URL shortener is not a new thing in World Wide Web, and if not mistaken it all started from tinyurl, and the current mainstream URL shortener would be (not sure though, it’s based on my experience)., is a new URL shortener by Google (pretty obvious eh?) that did almost the same thing as the mentioned services, so there aren’t any new breakthrough in it, but it is very fresh as it just released not so long ago. But (Google products always a but huh?) it is not available to use except in their products, Google toolbar and Feedburner at the moment. I am not sure why they are doing this, but with the expert coders around the world, now we could just easily access and generate URL without installing them. Here’s how:

Using Gmail extensively but bored of the theme offered? Use Globex Design’s Google Redesigned! [Requires Firefox]


Ever since Gmail launched, it’s been my primary webmail account as I remember they are the first company that provides free email account with continuous expanding capacity for everyone. Of course, it doesn’t become a concern anymore when more and more email account provider are able to offer the same email storage space, but what I like the most is their simplicity and fast loading, as well as their lab features. However, if you are an extensive user of Gmail for your studies, business etc., I am pretty sure that you might started to get bored of the default Gmail theme, even though there are some nice themes available, but they easily get bored as well. So what can you do about it? If you are using Mozilla Firefox for accessing Gmail, then you must be one happy guy (or girl?), because there is one well optimized, cool, tidy, and modern theme for your Gmail account.

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How to resize images without installing anything? (Internet Required)


Previously, I have introduced a nifty app for simple resizing task in Windows, the Image Resizer Powertoys. But sometimes, things happen when you doesn’t have the administrator right to install any single software on the public computer, and you are in need of resizing a batch of photos/images for sending, reviewing etc., what can you do? Remember the I introduced few months back? For the same concept, image resizing is done without installing anything, without uploading anything; the only things you need will be a web browser with Java installed, as well as internet (does it make sense?). Introducing – ezyImageResizer (Thanks Andrew Dyster, the author of both ezy web for letting me know).

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