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Play Starcraft II Beta with AI Offline [How To]

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Update 02-08-2010: Since StarCraft 2 has been released, this guide is no longer effective as SC2ALLin1 launcher has now transformed into a handy offline SC2 retail launcher! Just install the retail version with your activated and you can use the launcher to launch a skirmish game without login.

Hint: If you still kept/found the beta client and the older version of SC2ALLin1, you can still try to install it and play StarCraft 2 Beta offline with AI, but you can’t enjoy the updates from Blizzard which will improve the game. If you like the game, please buy the game to support the developer!

Previously I had putting up a guideline on allowing non-beta tester to play StarCraft II Beta offline, without actually having to be a part of the closed-beta test. Two months has been passed and Blizzard had released not less than 12 patches to fix bugs and add in new feature (Map Editor etc.), and thus probably the previously linked method doesn’t work well if the game has been patched. At the same time, the famous StarCrack AI has been gradually updated to a very challenging version based on the changes made by Blizzard (7.0.3 at the time of writing). Read on to find out how to play StarCraft II Beta offline without a beta account.

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Windows Live Essential Wave 4 (Beta) leaked!


Finally, after a long time of lack-of-update period for Microsoft Windows Live Services, we are able to have some test drives on the latest update of Windows Live Essential that intended to be released to closed beta testers. In the package, it can be found that there are 3 beta programs included: Windows Live Messenger Beta, Windows Live Mail Beta, and Windows Live Writer Beta, along with some other small applications (You can have a glance on the screenshot below).

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Get yourself some freebies from NVIDIA! (Wallpaper and Screensaver)


Well, besides some nicely designed graphic cards and perhaps some new famous game titles bundled with them, what else you can get from nvidia? I am a big fans of nvidia as every single graphic card I has been using were from them. I rarely explore their website except for their updated driver, and only recently I realized that they do offer some nice wallpapers and 3D screen savers for public download. So here you go:

How to create a new word document file in A4 size as default?


I am not sure about you, but for me, I always have the chance to get a shared or close-to-print document set in a wrong paper size, especially the default size of Microsoft Word – letter size. However, in my working environment, A4 is our primary document size, but somehow some documents are being prepared without changing the paper size to A4, which is quite troublesome sometimes as the spacing and alignments etc. are all different in both letter and A4 size. And also if the letter sized document printed in A4 paper, there will be a portion emptied due to the letter size. So, one best way of minimizing such problems is to create a document in A4 size as the default size. Here’s how (for Microsoft Word 2007 and above):

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Get yourself prepared to get FREE IOBit Advanced SystemCare™ PRO Edition! [Now Live!]


Just after a few days for their expired giveaway of IObit Security 360, they are now giving away their Advanced SystemCare Pro edition for FREE which will be available within 24 hours randomly from November 20 to 27 as a ThanksGiving gift. No one know for sure which day it will be given, but you can try your luck within the mentioned days. Originally priced at $19.95, Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Professional) protect and speed up your computer. It provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. This powerful and award-winning precision tool fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

A review of Norton Internet Security 2010

n-2010-nis-img-USI still remember there was one time that Norton Anti Virus had became the most favorite anti-virus software among computer users, with high detection rate and fast performance. It was during 2002 if not mistaken when I am still using Windows 98 as my primary operating system. As time goes on, with the advent of many different new companies (Kaspersky, Eset etc.) for computer protection software, it doesn’t seems that Norton have it’s own protection software improved, but it is getting bulkier and bulkier, and of course, it is always blamed for the slowed-down computer performance. It was the time that I totally give up with Norton products and whenever my friend asking for my opinion for AV software, I’d tell them to say no to Norton’s. 

How to remove MSN/Windows Live Messenger virus?


Is your friend telling you that you keep sending them links (website, image links etc.) that contain viruses? Or you accidentally clicked the virus link sent by your friend and afraid your MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger has been infected by the virus? Uninstalling of the software doesn’t seems to solve the problem?

Don’t worry. You doesn’t require to format your whole computer in order to kill the viruses. There are several free software out there is available for you to kill those nasty viruses for you.

eve_signCodeMaster MSN Virus Cleaner


MSN Virus Removal Software

Both software work well under Windows XP and Vista. Both should be working on Windows 7 as well (not tested thoroughly though). Hope they are able to help you in removing the nasty MSN/WLM viruses. And a piece of advise, don’t click on the links or similar if the links look suspicious to you. Always check with the sender whether the link was sent intentionally.