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How to solve MiniXunlei running error in Windows 7 x64?


If you are a heavy downloader, I supposed that you heard of a Chinese downloader called Xunlei (or in English, Thunder). This Chinese written downloader has some pretty impressive downloading speed, all thanks to their unique ways of managing download and upload (although it does raise up some privacy issue because Xunlei tend to scan for the downloaded files and there is chances that Xunlei will upload the file automatically to any Xunlei users that request that particular file). Although for me there’s no problem since p2p is always meant for sharing resources, but unfortunately, even with the new look and compatibility with Windows 7, it still has some minor crashes with the Windows, especially when the downloading tasks are all fully activated. Plus there are a lot of ads here and there in the software if you not keen to purchase their product (there are some illegal VIP patch anyway), thus I have started to look for alternative ever since.

So eventually I have found an alternative, that possibly have all the technologies used in Xunlei – the mini version of Xunlei, MiniXunlei. For further information about the nifty software, log on to

How to protect your online (P2P) privacy? PeerBlock!


You are now reading this post via my own blog site, hosted by And everything work so magically that you don’t even have to memorize my blog IP address if you have my blog subscribed, bookmarked or fed. All these thanks to the internet, including all the protocols/standards like HTTP, TCP/IP, WWW etc. If you realized (I am pretty sure you are if you reading this), internet has become part of the necessities for most of the people: Email, Instant Messaging, Social Networking, Multimedia and there are hundreds of different usages by using internet. Not only that, there are numerous of methods to get connected to the internet if you think about it: ADSL, WiFi, WiMax, HSDPA, WAP, GPRS, EDGE, 3.5G etc., you name it. But just how many of the internet users concern about their privacy on the line? Many would install anti-virus, internet security suite, but it doesn’t help if you got your own information like Mobile Phone No, Date of Birth, Home Address, all posted on social networking sites, for example Facebook.

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Get to know your PC more with Piriform’s new Speccy!


I am pretty sure there is some occasion that you need to find out your motherboard chipset, or your graphic card model and brand which all of them hidden in your beautiful casing for years; be it a driver update or firmware upgrade. We just can’t remember everything that we bought isn’t? And sometimes your friend require some help for their computer driver, but they have no idea what they have inside their computer, especially for those ready-built PC. I have been in a few occasion that I wanted to upgrade my motherboard driver and I keep on forgetting the chipset of my motherboard, and I did the dumbest thing ever: searching back my motherboard manual/box. But no more! All thanks to the latest quality software written by Piriform which is their fourth free software after the release of their famous CCleaner, Recuva, and DefragglerSpeccy.

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Enhance your night computing with F.lux – say Bye-Bye to tired eyes!


I believe most if not all of the computer users will use their computer (Facebook-ing, Messaging etc.) during the night time, and possibly until the very late night. And during the usage, you might not feel tired (Of course, who want to stop when you going to kill the boss in Mafia War?), but your eyes tell you that they are tired. Why? Most likely it is due to the inappropriate display temperature of your LCD/monitor, which makes your eyes feel tired after an hour or so of computer usage. This is because at daytime, the screen brightness/colour temperature has no problem for your eyes due to the adequate of lights, but when turned to nighttime, sunset happened, the same screen doesn’t work too well for your eyes anymore because you are now rely on the indoor light sources (Halogen, Fluorescent etc.), and the same screen tends to be too bright for you, thus stresses you eyes. Not only that, several studies shows that when an inappropriate display colour temperature exposed to a person’s eyes, he/she tend to have bad sleeping quality. 

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Aero Glass multimedia player – Foobar2000 Aero Glass mod and Splayer


Ever since Windows Vista came out, Aero Glass has been one of my favorite features in the operating system. With the advent of Windows 7 which also included the Aero Glass, I has been looking out for multimedia player that fully utilize Aero Glass. (Personally I would like software developer fully utilize Aero Glass) Not to mention the nice looking eye candy, but it does make me feel that the software is an integrated part of the Windows, which is why I always prefer software that using Aero Glass.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Beta Build is available for public download, finally!


At last, after a few days from PDC 2009, Microsoft has released their Microsoft Office 2010 beta as promised for public download. If you can’t wait to try the latest Microsoft Office, just go ahead and download and see for yourself. (Registration required) Below is the link:

So before downloading the software suite, let’s have a look which software is included in this beta bits:


So more or less everything needed by either a businessman or a student are there. I am pretty excited to try them out since I am one of their Technical Preview participant, and it’s a good thing that this can be downloaded by everyone (like Windows 7 Beta and RC). I don’t know but I had respect more to Microsoft now as they started to listen to users, instead of doing what they like. Good job Microsoft! (and the little Mr. Gates)