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A review of Stardock Fences: The best desktop icons organizer


I had posted an article about how to effectively organize your Windows desktop before, which included a several software, one of them is Stardock Fences, which is the software that will be reviewed. If you still do not know what is Stardock Fence, I would say that it is a unique software (which is one-of-a-kind) that allows you to organize the shortcut icons on your desktop in the way you desired. Besides a multiple-shaded-area for each different categories of icons is possible, it also has this killing feature – double click to make all (customizable) shortcut icons to become disappear. And one more advantage of this software is that it is absolutely FREE. In conjunction with the just release version 1.00 Customer Technical Preview of Stardock Fences, I have decided to do a simple review on this free software. So, let’s go on with the review of the software:

How to view chinese (unicode) character in software natively in Windows 7?

There are some of the nice software such as TTplayer, Xunlei(Thunder) etc. are all written by Chinese and thus the interfaces of those software, of course, in Chinese language as well. Ever since the time for Windows XP, there are a lot of problem (mostly messy characters) when running those Unicode-based software. However, with Microsoft Applocale released, it is a very famous solution for executing Unicode software eg. Japanese and Chinese game, Chinese software etc. Although it is a good solution for Windows XP and above (for Vista and above, Applocale requires elevated command prompt to install), which obviously included Windows 7, but I have found another way of using Unicode-based-language software natively without installing anything.