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Tired of the same old desktop? Try BumpTop Free!

imageTalk about 3D desktop (3D graphic-rich desktop, not the recent famous 3D pop-out effect), apparently it’s not a new thing, at least for me. I still remember many years back there is some 3D desktop software (can’t recall the name of the software) bundled with nViDia graphic card that I purchased at that time; it’s fun and interactive enough, but it definitely not designed for practical usage. However, one can easily get bored with the same old desktop in Windows, though there is a lot of desktop customization software, but how about some 3D variant? Introducing you a very well-optimized 3D desktop software – BumpTop.

If you been updated with recent IT news, you might be aware that BumpTop has been purchased by Google, possibly for their own OS, Chrome OS and Android some 3D flavor. The news has been quite shocking for me as I didn’t find the software great enough to be purchased by Google, and apparently this is my impression about BumpTop after trying out their last year’s releases (lagging performance and incompatibilities). Thus, I have decided to give it another run to prove it’s worthiness. And sure – it did prove me that I am wrong.   

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Windows version of Mac OSX and Linux ‘Exposé’ feature [Vista/7]

imageIf you are currently using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you probably knew about the new replacement for the conventional Alt-Tab Application Switcher, the Windows Flip (only can be used with Aero-activated), activated by Win+Tab (as depicted by the screenshot below). Though it does look pretty nice, but it isn’t practical enough to replace the conventional Alt-Tab; it doesn’t give enough view for the windows in the queue, and it is pretty wasting time for the user to scroll through the whole list of windows (imagine there is more than 20 windows opened at the same time). What about a feature to let you have a glance on all windows, without compromising the nice transition effects and practicality? (Hint: Mac OS X Exposé)


Windows Flip in action. Nice to see, once broken, considered failed.

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Get your copy of Portal on Steam for Free until 24th May!

imageIf you are into the famous Valve Half-Life series, you’d know that they have a great game called Portal, which based on the Half-Life 2 engine. And now, to celebrate the release of Mac version of Steam, they are giving away this famous game released in Q4 2007 for FREE until 24th May 2010. Details after the jump.

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Giveaway – EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition 5.0.1 [Expire on 20/02/2010]


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Review of Avast! 5 Free Antivirus


Nowadays, premium suites of internet security/anti-virus are getting cheaper and affordable by most if the computer users. Despite of this, the free anti-virus solutions still, and increasingly available for several reasons: demonstrating the latest technology in the company virus busting; the ability to advertise to advise users to get a more advanced version of the company products; and (finally) protect all computer users from serious virus threats.

While several months ago I have reviewed the Microsoft own Anti-Virus solution – the Microsoft Security Essential, which got a big thumb from me, and also the Norton complete suite, Norton Internet Security, which is also a very complete and impressive product (AV-Comparatives Best Product of 2009), I have decided to try out the new Avast! Free Antivirus as it does have a quite high rating in AV-Comparatives reports. (More information about AV-comparatives – the independent comparatives for all anti-virus software)

How to solve if Windows Sidebar Gadget that utilized flash player doesn’t work? (64-bit Windows)


If you downloaded some gadgets for Windows Sidebar that utilizing Flash Player and you are in a 64-bit Windows environment, chances are your gadgets won’t work properly for you. It is because flash player has never come out with a native 64-bit Flash Player that supported the Windows Sidebar.

So if you face this problem, it can be easily get solved by a few steps:

1) Close the sidebar.exe (By Task Manager or manually closing all gadgets)

2) Starts the sidebar.exe in Program Files (x86) folder instead of the one in Program Files.

3) Try to add the gadgets that didn’t work previously and enjoy it!

The idea of the trick is that you start up the 32-bit Windows Sidebar instead of the 64-bit one, so Flash Player can run in the gadgets that utilizing it. Hope it helps!

Aero Glass Galore – Some Glass Apps for your Windows

Aero Glass, one of the most successful eye candy that Microsoft has implemented in  Windows Vista and Windows 7, has been the favorite of most of the Windows users (me included). Since when I am using Windows 7 RC, I have been actively looking for all the software that utilize the Aero Glass which is already in the Windows, but sadly, there is still not much software developers take effort to make use of the Aero Glass, due to many different reasons.