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How to view chinese (unicode) character in software natively in Windows 7?

There are some of the nice software such as TTplayer, Xunlei(Thunder) etc. are all written by Chinese and thus the interfaces of those software, of course, in Chinese language as well. Ever since the time for Windows XP, there are a lot of problem (mostly messy characters) when running those Unicode-based software. However, with Microsoft Applocale released, it is a very famous solution for executing Unicode software eg. Japanese and Chinese game, Chinese software etc. Although it is a good solution for Windows XP and above (for Vista and above, Applocale requires elevated command prompt to install), which obviously included Windows 7, but I have found another way of using Unicode-based-language software natively without installing anything.

Be a Geek: What is Windows 7?


With the retail box release of Windows 7, I believe many of you have seen a lot of advertisement about Windows 7 in any IT malls. But what is Windows 7? For those who does not study all the features and highlights of Windows 7, most likely one will think that it’s just a refreshed UI Windows Vista. If you think it that way, I urge you to think again. Check out all the new features of Windows 7 and judge yourself this new Operating System which is tested by 8 million testers before proceed to release.

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How to solve Windows 7 ‘Devices and Printers’ forever loading and blank?


I still remember when I was using the RC bit of Windows 7 Ultimate, I had problem loading the Devices and Printers option, where it takes forever to load and remains blank. Then I kept searching in many forums but seems not much people had this problem, and no one could provide a solution but one day I foun this post from snappydog:

Really weird, when selecting Devices and Printers (Device Stage) in the menu the progress bar would take forever and never display anything – just blank.

Finally discovered it was actually a bluetooth issue in services. I don’t even know why I looked there – –

THE FIX at least for me..

Click Start button, type “services” into the search program and files box. This brings up a list in the menu, select Services. This should open a list of local services on your system.., Find ‘Bluetooth Service” and make sure it has started, right click and set to ‘automatic’ (mine was already set), Select “Bluetooth Support Service” and start, set to automatic (mine was set on manual) —

This fixed my issue, hopefully yours as well..

So, yup, it definitely fixed my problem, and I repost it in several Windows 7 forum and it did helped some people as well, so hopefully you see this if you facing this problem and pulling your hair.