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Review of Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro

ppt2dvd-box-bgHave you ever in the situation where you need to share a PowerPoint presentation and only find out that there is no PowerPoint software available for you to use? Or you have your company profile and product introductions nicely inserted into PowerPoint slides and only find out that you are only able to present it in video form during exhibition? Or you want to do some advertisement for your shop but have no idea how to make one? If you are, you might have a funny idea. “Can I convert my PowerPoint presentation into a video/DVD so I can share and display without any software or even a computer?”  Then you heard some voice telling you “Wish granted”.

Yes, your idea isn’t an impossible one. And all these made possible by Wondershare. Being their flagship product, Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro, as the name suggested, is a tool that assist you in converting your PowerPoint presentation into a video, either in DVD or some other video format. You can then have the DVD shared among your friends or colleagues, or even upload to your favorite video sharing website (Youtube, anyone?)

Sure, you must be thinking the conversion will take ages and requires some specific skills to do it. Well, no. I would like to think that my 6 years-old  niece can do it, with Wondershare PPT2DVD Pro. The software offers quite a number of customization options for the conversion, but if you are in a hurry or you aren’t a power user, those options can be ignored and your conversion will probably start to convert with only a few clicks (which doesn’t require more than 30 seconds).

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Optimize/monitor your Windows boot time with Soluto


If you have a PC running Windows and you have dozens (or tons) of software installed, most likely you will find that your Windows doesn’t boot as quick as the Windows first installed. While you might aware that you can customize the start-up applications in Windows System Configuration (keyword: msconfig), but apparently Windows boot time isn’t only affected by startup items, but also services installed by applications and Windows. It is really frustrated (as what Soluto thinks) when your Windows take ages to boot into usable state, so to avoid frustration, Soluto – the Anti-Frustration Software is the answer for it.

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Windows Live Essentials Beta is out for public!


After months of waiting after the closed beta release, the public beta of Windows Live Essentials is finally released! Most of the stuffs in the pack doesn’t have much significant difference from the previous leaked Windows Live Essentials Beta Wave 4 which I have covered previously, but one very noticeable change is that the Windows Live Messenger Beta will now prompt you to connect your WLM to your Facebook or MySpace account (of course not limited to those only, you can add more services later, though no Twitter at the moment) before first sign in, as well as some privacy control. You will also notice that the WLM has much better transition animation of rearrangement of contacts – try to resize your WLM and you will see what I mean.

To see what can be expected from the Beta pack of Windows Live Essentials, you can always check out my previous post  about the Beta Wave 4 – they are almost identical but for sure there are some improvements here. To download it, head to the official page for Windows Live Essentials Beta. There isn’t offline installer at the moment, so if you like to install the full suite of Windows Live Essentials that includes all the program stated below, just click “Download now”. Else if you wish to opt out some of the program, you can click on “Choose the programs you want’’ and you will be downloading an online installer that allows you to select the program to be installed.

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Monitor temperature of your computer [How To]


No, the above photo isn’t showing you some kind of powerful dust accumulator; they are dusts on a laptop CPU heat sink after three years of use that has made the laptop unusable due to the frequent thermal shutdowns.[Source] It is not uncommon that the computer breakdowns (especially desktop with ATX chassis) are associated with overheating problem, and most of the time it is due to the long term accumulation of dusts within the desktop chassis (unless you have a dust-filtering chassis). If you have no idea on how the dusts can cause overheating, I would suggest you to read this article in Wikipedia, there’s lots of information related to the computer cooling. 

Thus, overheating is one of the major issues that can cause the computer lifespan to be shortened. To prevent the shortening of the computer lifespan, one can always remove the dusts accumulated within the chassis (including the dusts stuck on the active cooling fan) frequently; however, it is not too ideal to do the dust cleaning every single week (because I know you have some other better things to do), so you would require some indicators from the computer itself, telling you that a dust cleaning is needed, and for this purpose, temperature monitoring software comes in handy.

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ICS and HomeGroup over cross-over cable in Windows 7 [How To]

image If you are using a cross-over cable (or known as P2P cable) to connect both Windows 7 PCs (other Windows client is possible) and wish to enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and HomeGroup (function that specific to Windows 7 for easy file sharing), you are in the right place. Of course, a router (wireless or not) can easily get the job done, but why waste some bucks on the router while there is only 2 PCs available to communicate? Here I will show the components, steps and settings needed to enable both ICS and HomeGroup simultaneously over a cross-over cable.

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Alternative to Object Dock – VAIO Gate [Windows Vista/7]


If you notice the desktop in the new Sony VAIO laptop series with Windows 7, you’d notice the object-dock-like shortcut bar located at the top of the desktop (as the screenshot above). It is actually called VAIO Gate, which included in every new VAIO series computer by default and integrated well with the desktop. Unlike object dock, VAIO gate didn’t offer much functions besides act as a shortcuts bar, but it does look pretty nice and has a RSS feed shown when the bar is minimized (internet required).      

To download and install VAIO Gate in your Windows Vista and 7, head to shoguntx deviant art page to download it. (zip file, size 8.9MB)