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How to solve "USB device not recognized" problem in Microsoft Windows?

The original post is from OnlineTechTips. Credit for them.

Aluport-USB-256x256Is your Windows keep popping-out the "USB device not recognized" one day when you plugged in your thumb drive or whatever USB device? Even tried to repair registry, repair driver, reformat and the problem still persists? Suspecting the motherboard USB ports had spoilt? Take it easy, there is still something for you to try before you pulling all you hair out and bang your head to the wall. Here I quote the whole article from OnlineTechTips:

Are you getting a “USB device not recognized” error whenever you plug in a USB mouse, keyboard, or other USB device? I love USB and have 5 ports on my computer so that I can connect my mouse, keyboard, camera, phone, and printer to it all at once!

However, last weekend, my computer stopped recognizing my USB devices! The strange thing about it was that the USB ports were not bad because all of my devices were still getting power to them. I could still charge my cell phone without a problem!


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More guide on Windows 7!

windows-7-logoWith the Windows 7 retail release date become closer, a lot of guides and tips has been released to aid all the computer users to decide on the switch to Windows 7 family. Another guide just came out day ago, which is a full coverage of everything about the Windows 7, from version difference to tips and tricks, all in this 8MB pdf file by cqwang.

You can view the file here in slideshare and you can download there by clicking get file button.

Want to know more about the new Microsoft Windows 7? Guides are here …

windows-7-logoThere are several friends of mine already start switching to Windows 7 from their ex-Windows, and the feedback were all good. Now it still almost a month before the retail release, except those MSDN Technet subscriber which get hold the RTM version of it, you may want to know more about Windows 7 and what can it do for you before the real deal for switching.Here I included several links to the guide which you can have a look what Windows 7 can offer and also some tips.

This 360+ pages E-book was prepared by Rich, the owner of the, allows you to have a look what sort of thing you can customize and do with your Windows 7. And it’s free !

What can be more appropriate when the Microsoft Technet itself come out with its own tips for Windows 7 for all the users. If you haven’t decide on the switch, go on ahead and check out all the tips there.

These documents include:

1) A What’s New in Windows 7 Guide, covering many new and changed Windows 7 features of interest to IT professionals, including DirectAccess, BranchCache and other networking technologies, VHD boot and other deployment technologies, and AppLocker, Biometrics, and other security technologies, and

2) A Windows 7 Manageability Overview Guide, covering the manageability improvements that can reduce total cost of ownership by helping to increase automation, improve user productivity, and provide flexible administrative control to meet compliance technologies.

In case you do not know, Microsoft did had their Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) available for public download and the key for it that will expired around March next year. However, they just stop distributing it few weeks back, so if you really want to try out the RC, try find it in some site (torrent or rapidshare) and get the genuine key that will last you few months here.

A guide to disable Hibernating mode in Windows XP, Vista or 7 to save disk space.

After formatted my PC with RTM version of Windows 7 x64, I just felt impressed for the changes made by Microsoft these years, especially on Windows 7 itself. A total evolution from Windows XP and of course, the half-abundant Windows Vista, which does not do good in my computer usage history. That’s it, I had jumped from Windows XP straight to Windows 7, skipping the Alla-Vista thingy that won’t run properly on my system. Continue reading A guide to disable Hibernating mode in Windows XP, Vista or 7 to save disk space.