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[How To] Workaround for Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 Scroll Wheel Issue

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

If you happen to got one Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000, either got it individually or from the Wireless Desktop 3000 (Like I did), you might found that the scrolling wheel doesn’t behave as usual that found in a normal mouse. It is noticeable having issue with Google Picasa (for zooming in and out), Adobe Photoshop, Open Office etc. where the scrolling wheel doesn’t do what is expected to do.

Having the hugely frustrated issue, I searched for the reason behind it. There is a user called niver has been explained his point of view about this issue:

Most (almost all) mouse drivers cause mouse wheel events with a "delta" of ±120. This is an arbitrary value that has been chosen by Microsoft in the past to allow finer control.
Since then, several programs use that value directly to test whether the mouse has been scrolled down or up (delta / 120 == 1 -> down, delta / 120 == -1 -> up, or something like that).
However, the Intellipoint software causes mouse wheel events with smaller "delta" value (the expected finer grain control), and programs which use the 120 value that way just fail to register the wheel movement, because in integral values, 30 / 120 = 0… [Source: Picasa support forum].

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Canon Image Runner (IR) 3100C EUR Windows 7 64 Bit driver


This post just meant to share a very rare driver for Canon Image Runner IR3100C EUR Photocopier/All-in-One printer. Even the official Canon website for the printer doesn’t have the driver, thus it is a bit lucky for me to find this rare driver. It installed flawlessly in Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium, with nice feature in the installer which allow you to install a network printer driver (most of the time such big printer will be networked).

Download Here

In case you can’t get the file in mediafire which I uploaded,  you can always get the file from where I found the driver which can be accessed here. All thanks to, which is probably the first hardware drivers website which doesn’t require to pay and zero-ads.

It probably installable for other model, as long as it require PCL5e/5c Printer Driver, so if you have an old Canon Image Runner which you can’t find driver for Windows 7, especially 64 bit one, try the one I shared. Hope it can help you.