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A review of Stardock Fences: The best desktop icons organizer


I had posted an article about how to effectively organize your Windows desktop before, which included a several software, one of them is Stardock Fences, which is the software that will be reviewed. If you still do not know what is Stardock Fence, I would say that it is a unique software (which is one-of-a-kind) that allows you to organize the shortcut icons on your desktop in the way you desired. Besides a multiple-shaded-area for each different categories of icons is possible, it also has this killing feature – double click to make all (customizable) shortcut icons to become disappear. And one more advantage of this software is that it is absolutely FREE. In conjunction with the just release version 1.00 Customer Technical Preview of Stardock Fences, I have decided to do a simple review on this free software. So, let’s go on with the review of the software:

How to get Windows 7 Aero Snap in your Windows XP/Vista?


While the official launch of Windows 7 around the world is set at 22nd Oct, there are already many computer users find Windows 7 a very nice Operating System to be used and find their exclusive features adorable. Still, there will be many Windows user will not shift their primary operating system to Windows 7 due to numerous of reasons, but they would like to have Windows 7 special features usable in their Windows XP/Vista.  I had introduced how to add in AeroPeek feature in Windows XP/Vista, and now here’s the time for AeroSnap specifically written for Windows XP/Vista.

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Give your Windows a new look with cool clock screensavers!


Time is precious, everyone knows that. So without building up any story for this, I would like to introduce three screensavers that I loved the most, not because they have very fancy graphics, but they act like a digital clock, a big digital clock telling me what is the current time, when I am not using the computer. And I let the picture speak for itself.



Pixel Breaker Polar Clock

polar clock

Simon Heys’ Word Clock: Two variation

word clock

word clock 2

Already can’t wait to download them all? Just click on the screenshot themselves and they will lead you to the author’s site to download. Else if anything happens to their server, I had these stored in my mediafire as well, which can be accessed under download section. But of course all the links are strictly for backup purpose only, not for distribution.

How to get Windows 7 Aero Peek in Windows XP and Vista ?

Aero PeekIf you been did some readings on Windows 7 features, you will not find Aero Peek a stranger. Aero Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop. Simply point to the right edge of the taskbar (In Windows 7)—and watch open windows instantly turn transparent, revealing all your hidden icons and gadgets. Continue reading How to get Windows 7 Aero Peek in Windows XP and Vista ?

Effectively organized your Windows desktop to the next level !


Ever wonder how to optimize your daily used computer desktop? Want something cool like Mac OSX stacks in Windows? Doesn’t feel like putting all the icons on the desktop that blocked the view of a nice wallpaper? Or get something organized in the tabbed style like in Firefox? The answer is: You got it all here. Introducing you three software that I would like to talk about: Alastria 7stacks, iWonder Designs LLC Sticks and Stardocks Fence. All three software here are all free and very useful for you to customize your desktop.

Alastria 7stacks

Alastria 7stacks is one of the best desktop customization software that I ever used, even though not entirely flawless, but it works quite well for me in organizing and accessing my daily used applications. What’s more impressing me is that the software utilized the aero theme in Windows Vista/7 (Not on XP since XP doesn’t have aero theme), make it even more cool to use. And this software was inspired by the Mac OSX dock to the author, which in my opinion 7stacks should be come in the default package in Windows 7. Below are some screenshots showing both Mac OSX dock (left) and 7stacks in Windows 7 in action (right):

MacOSX docks 7stacks in action

Looks pretty cool eh? That’s it, you can have all your favorite shortcuts all stacked in one 7stacks, be it a games stack, applications stack etc, only limited by your organizing skills. Besides, here are some features of 7 stacks:

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