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Review of Avast! 5 Free Antivirus


Nowadays, premium suites of internet security/anti-virus are getting cheaper and affordable by most if the computer users. Despite of this, the free anti-virus solutions still, and increasingly available for several reasons: demonstrating the latest technology in the company virus busting; the ability to advertise to advise users to get a more advanced version of the company products; and (finally) protect all computer users from serious virus threats.

While several months ago I have reviewed the Microsoft own Anti-Virus solution – the Microsoft Security Essential, which got a big thumb from me, and also the Norton complete suite, Norton Internet Security, which is also a very complete and impressive product (AV-Comparatives Best Product of 2009), I have decided to try out the new Avast! Free Antivirus as it does have a quite high rating in AV-Comparatives reports. (More information about AV-comparatives – the independent comparatives for all anti-virus software)

A review of Norton Internet Security 2010

n-2010-nis-img-USI still remember there was one time that Norton Anti Virus had became the most favorite anti-virus software among computer users, with high detection rate and fast performance. It was during 2002 if not mistaken when I am still using Windows 98 as my primary operating system. As time goes on, with the advent of many different new companies (Kaspersky, Eset etc.) for computer protection software, it doesn’t seems that Norton have it’s own protection software improved, but it is getting bulkier and bulkier, and of course, it is always blamed for the slowed-down computer performance. It was the time that I totally give up with Norton products and whenever my friend asking for my opinion for AV software, I’d tell them to say no to Norton’s. 

Cannot access to Microsoft and any anti-virus website. How to solve?


I had one client that keep complaining that his computer is very slow, plus it cannot access any Microsoft or anti-virus website. A quick search on the internet suggested that his computer has already been infected by a virus called Conficker, once a very serious virus in computer network, and of course still infecting numerous of computer around the world.  My previous experience with Conficker virus seems to be a little bit different, with registry editor and folder option in Windows disabled by the virus. But it doesn’t seems to be the case for my client computer. Of course, ideally, formatting the computer will be the best solution, since the computer has been badly infected (I am pretty sure it is not only the conficker viruses inside), as the anti-virus software installed was disabled by the virus as well. But he insist that the computer is best not to get formatted, as it has some very important networking and printer sharing. So to make him happy, I try to solve the viruses instead of doing a clean install of Windows.

22nd of October. A big day for Windows 7. Big day for freebies as well! KIS 2010 and Panda Internet Security 2010 for FREE!


Windows 7 is going to launch around the world (not in Malaysia though) on the 22nd of October. With the high number of good feedback for Windows 7, I believe this will be the most successful Windows compared to the other Windows (except Windows XP at the moment which is still primarily used by many). In conjunction with the launching, there are several software companies decided to giveaway their precious for free for whoever feels happy and excited with the launching of Windows 7. Below are the two surprises that impressed me the most:

Expired. 😦

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A Quick Review on Microsoft Security Essential


Weeks ago, Microsoft have released their own anti virus software, Microsoft Security Essential (MSE), as posted in days ago, which basically a stripped down version of the OneCare product that Microsoft decided to stop the developmentis built to address market changes and consumer needs and includes real-time antivirus, antispyware and core anti-malware functionality while utilising fewer computing resources.“, according to the spokeperson of Microsoft . While it doesn’t really provide full protection of computer to all range of users, but it can be quite adequate if it going to be used along with other free anti-adware/malware software. I can’t deny that a full suite of internet security is really well enough, especially with the price drop nowadays, but it still depends how you use your computer. I had used Kaspersky Internet Suite before, function wise is all ok, but it delayed my computer startup to 2-3 minutes which is unbearable for me. Thus I still prefer a separate software for anti virus, anti malware, firewall etc. Continue reading A Quick Review on Microsoft Security Essential