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Firesheep Forced Internet User to Rethink the Security Issue of Web Services

internet-globeTwo weeks ago, or 24th October 2010, there is a new plug-in for Firefox being released during the ToorCon 12 (a hacker conference) and immediately the plug-in captured tons of media attention. What is this plug-in made for, you might ask? Firesheep, a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that is developed to demonstrate the security issue in most of the famous web services, such as Facebook, Twitter etc., and this security issue (known as HTTP Session Hijacking) wasn’t a new one – it is already made known and discussed since year 2004, and still most of the web services are ignoring this issue. Most of the web services aware that they can do a fully secured website for their users by using HTTPS/SSL, but a big portion of them choose either not to implement it, or implement it at the surface layer only (like Facebook and Twitter), where you only have the full encryption and protection during the login, but not the session after that. This doesn’t do good for their user since the HTTP sessions are still easily being hacked, and certainly their new privacy settings doesn’t help in the situation at all.

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Dress up your GMail now with 5 new themes

gmail-logoAfter years of waiting for new themes in the famous Google own web email service, the GMail, the developers have finally decided to give some surprises to the users with 5 new well-done themes, which focus on usability and fun during the use of the web email, and it is available now for both GMail and Google Apps users.

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‘Reverse’ drag-and-drop, now in Google Mail

If you are a Gmail user, I’d suggest you to use Google Chrome as your primary browser. Besides both are services offered by Google, but when there is new features in Gmail, most likely Google Chrome user will be the one who enjoy it first (for a few months. at least). The Gmail team has found drag-and-drop is so useful in emailing that they starts to implement it into Gmail, starting from drag-and-drop attachments onto messages (which works in Firefox as well), then the drag-and-drop images into messages, and now, the reverse drag-and-drop – dragging the attachments from the messages into your desktop to save. Of course, if you have a large number of attachments, most probably you will consider to download all of them in archive form (which can be done in Gmail too), but if you are downloading the attachments selectively, and you might want to save a few clicks, this new feature is for you. Continue reading ‘Reverse’ drag-and-drop, now in Google Mail

YouTube Easter Egg re-experience Nokia classis Snake game

imageIf you have nothing better to do or bored while surfing, how about some Nokia classic Snake game? And for now (not sure until when), you can play it in YouTube while you watching some video clips.

In order to activate the game, press the left arrow key on your keyboard for a few seconds when a YouTube video is loading (it must be done in YouTube website itself, embedded video clips doesn’t work). It can be activated either the video is being played or paused, and once activated you can see a snake appearing on the video and it is ready to be controlled by you using the arrow keys. It can be played in normal or full screen mode. Though it is better to play it on a darker video, else you will find it hard to see the snake or the objectives.

Below is a video clip showing the Snake game in YouTube made by It is quite fun to have these Easter eggs online, remember the Pac-man? Keep it up Google and we are anticipating the next.