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Canon Image Runner (IR) 3100C EUR Windows 7 64 Bit driver


This post just meant to share a very rare driver for Canon Image Runner IR3100C EUR Photocopier/All-in-One printer. Even the official Canon website for the printer doesn’t have the driver, thus it is a bit lucky for me to find this rare driver. It installed flawlessly in Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium, with nice feature in the installer which allow you to install a network printer driver (most of the time such big printer will be networked).

Download Here

In case you can’t get the file in mediafire which I uploaded,  you can always get the file from where I found the driver which can be accessed here. All thanks to, which is probably the first hardware drivers website which doesn’t require to pay and zero-ads.

It probably installable for other model, as long as it require PCL5e/5c Printer Driver, so if you have an old Canon Image Runner which you can’t find driver for Windows 7, especially 64 bit one, try the one I shared. Hope it can help you.

IPM (images per minute) in new Canon printer


It is not strange that a printer claiming that it can print a high number of pages per minute (ppm), which always be the first criteria referred by the end user before they decided to buy it. But does it really able to print that fast? I had a Canon ip3300 which just dead couple days ago that have a rating of a whooping (not so I know) 25ppm for black printing in fast (draft) quality. I did some testing last time where I printed a set of document that has around 50 pages, and of course I expect it will be ready for me to collect within 3 minutes. But apparently it did not; took it around 5 minutes to print all the pages that are full of words in draft quality. As a conclusion, the printing speed rating in ppm is not accurate as there is no standard on which type of document (full of words, one line of words etc.) used in the printing speed test. But still ppm is always referred as printing speed for all the different brand printers.

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Error 651 in Windows 7: A killer for internet connection/VPN

Update (31.12.2009): It can easily see that there are a lot of Windows users have been bugged by this error (this post has occupied one third of the total visits of my blog), and I hope this article can help to solve your problem. But please be aware though, all the solutions were gathered from internet, such as article, forum etc., and I can’t guarantee that they will work for you. If they did, you are always welcomed to reply and let people know what have you done to solve your problem. Else, I am sorry that I couldn’t help you, perhaps you can ask for help from your ISP. I have updated several more possible solutions based on some readers’ replies.

You try to initiate the broadband dialer in Windows 7 and only found that it doesn’t work and returned with an error 651: Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error. And you had tried to restart your PC, your router, your modem etc. and the problem doesn’t go away. And eventually you want to bang your head to the wall because you can’t solve the problem, nor you can find solution online because you are not able to get online!

Same thing happened to me last few days which caused the update of the blog delayed. During some normal surfing, I found out that the connection was hang, thus I just disconnect the internet connection and try to reconnect. But hey, I can’t connect back anymore, with the error 651 while everything (hardware, Windows etc.) were ok. So for a few days, I can’t update my blog and I was trying to find solution for it in the office (don’t tell the boss, won’t ya?).