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Stuckbuddy – The simplest way to make your device stand

Stuckbuddy_1With the mobile devices (smartphone, tablet etc.) released nowadays comes with increasing screen size, there is more space on the screen to display more information at one time, so it is more ideal to use them to view video, live feed, web browsing etc. However, it is certainly less than ideal that the user have to hold the mobile Stuckbuddy_3device all the time, say, viewing video on the table, and obviously it won’t look good if the mobile device sits flat on the table. While there are many cases for the mobile device that can help to tilt the screen to a comfortable viewing angle, but most of them, unfortunately, make the device slightly bulky. If you want a simple way to tilt your screen on your naked mobile device, get Stuckbuddy. Continue reading Stuckbuddy – The simplest way to make your device stand

Is Google Nexus S worth an upgrade (or worth to own)? #Maxis10

Google Nexus SGoogle Nexus S, a Google flagship Android device manufactured by Samsung, is the second Android device bear with the name of Google, after the famous and beautifully crafted Google Nexus One. It is also the first Android device that shipped with the latest Android – Gingerbread which packed with quite some new and interesting features.

The first news about the Samsung manufactured second Google Nexus phone is leaked about end of October 2010, and the Samsung spoke person has quickly denied it. Since then, there are several rumors have been leaked before Google officially announced the Google Nexus S on the 6th of December, 2010. Perhaps you might be wondering the reason for the massive amount of concerns towards the second Google flagship phone – below is my point of view for that.

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[How To] Workaround for Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 Scroll Wheel Issue

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

If you happen to got one Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000, either got it individually or from the Wireless Desktop 3000 (Like I did), you might found that the scrolling wheel doesn’t behave as usual that found in a normal mouse. It is noticeable having issue with Google Picasa (for zooming in and out), Adobe Photoshop, Open Office etc. where the scrolling wheel doesn’t do what is expected to do.

Having the hugely frustrated issue, I searched for the reason behind it. There is a user called niver has been explained his point of view about this issue:

Most (almost all) mouse drivers cause mouse wheel events with a "delta" of ±120. This is an arbitrary value that has been chosen by Microsoft in the past to allow finer control.
Since then, several programs use that value directly to test whether the mouse has been scrolled down or up (delta / 120 == 1 -> down, delta / 120 == -1 -> up, or something like that).
However, the Intellipoint software causes mouse wheel events with smaller "delta" value (the expected finer grain control), and programs which use the 120 value that way just fail to register the wheel movement, because in integral values, 30 / 120 = 0… [Source: Picasa support forum].

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Day 10 with Nexus S: Battery mystery, 10 Battery Power Saving Tips #Maxis10

Battery mystery in Google Nexus S

Battery StatusEver since Day 1 with Google Nexus S, I never have the phone fully charged at 100% – the phone always claimed to be fully charged at 94%-97%, and charging the device overnight doesn’t help. Faulty battery?

Nope. Luckily my 1500mAh Lithium-ion battery in Google Nexus S seems to be pretty normal after I did some extensive studies on this phenomena. Not too sure it will occurs in all other Android devices, but apparently fully charged at the battery life of less than 100% in Google Nexus S is not something need to be worried.

In Byron G’s study, he did an extensive study on the charging and discharging conditions on his HTC Droid Incredible and figure out the reason of inconsistent battery drains, especially during a full charge. It’s a lengthy article, which is a pretty interesting one, so if you have about 15 minutes to digest it, do check it out.

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Day 9 with Nexus S: Great gaming device, Top 5 Games #Maxis10

Experiences in Day 9

Great Gaming Experience

Nexus S LogoIn the recent years, 3D processing capability on the mobile devices seems to have evolved in a very rapid trend – who would have thought that a mobile device is capable to run a full-featured 3D game with touch screen interface, 10 years ago? Thanks to the advancement in nano-scale fabrication and tons of research done on the System-on-a-Chip (SoC), we are in an era that can enjoy most, if not all, of the stuffs on the computer, in a mobile device that has a size of our palm.

Besides being the first phone to present the new Gingerbread, Google Nexus S also, in my opinion, act as a benchmark for other manufacturers on how should a Gingerbread device should be. Unlike in iOS which now has a huge database of great games since the first generation of iPhone, Android is still pretty new in the mobile gaming scenes, but it is obvious that more and more manufacturers are trying to push Android devices as portable gaming devices by incorporating high end specs (like Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, just to name a few) – a good thing for consumer especially gamers since more alternatives are available.

Equipped with PowerVR SGX540 GPU in the Samsung Hummingbird SoC, I can safely say that Nexus S can fire up all of the games available in the Android Market, including Dungeon Defenders, the first game on the Android that pushes the limit on the hardware (correct me if I am wrong), is pretty playable on the Nexus S. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus S should have a pretty similar performance since they share the same SoC. I have picked the Top 5 games on the Nexus S (after tons of playing and testing), so let’s check it out!

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