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[How To] Auto-Forward Incoming Emails in Gmail to Multiple Recipients

Gmail allows you to automatically forward incoming emails to the other email address, but unfortunately, it is limited to only one address at a time in Mail Settings.

However, a trick on the filtering feature in Gmail can be applied to automatically forward incoming emails to multiple recipients at once. Here’s how: Continue reading [How To] Auto-Forward Incoming Emails in Gmail to Multiple Recipients

Dress up your GMail now with 5 new themes

gmail-logoAfter years of waiting for new themes in the famous Google own web email service, the GMail, the developers have finally decided to give some surprises to the users with 5 new well-done themes, which focus on usability and fun during the use of the web email, and it is available now for both GMail and Google Apps users.

Continue reading Dress up your GMail now with 5 new themes

‘Reverse’ drag-and-drop, now in Google Mail

If you are a Gmail user, I’d suggest you to use Google Chrome as your primary browser. Besides both are services offered by Google, but when there is new features in Gmail, most likely Google Chrome user will be the one who enjoy it first (for a few months. at least). The Gmail team has found drag-and-drop is so useful in emailing that they starts to implement it into Gmail, starting from drag-and-drop attachments onto messages (which works in Firefox as well), then the drag-and-drop images into messages, and now, the reverse drag-and-drop – dragging the attachments from the messages into your desktop to save. Of course, if you have a large number of attachments, most probably you will consider to download all of them in archive form (which can be done in Gmail too), but if you are downloading the attachments selectively, and you might want to save a few clicks, this new feature is for you. Continue reading ‘Reverse’ drag-and-drop, now in Google Mail

Rich text signature installed for Gmail users

2010-07-09 21h58_11Gmail users now have another reason to be in love with their mail client – rich text signature is finally there in Gmail. Now you can use a rich text signature in Gmail, which allows you to add images and links, change font properties, alignment etc., just like in your email.

The rich text signature editing panel can be found at the usual location for signature, which can be accessed by “Settings > Signature”. You will be greet by a familiar editing panel for your rich text signature. (Screenshot below)

Not just that, if you happen to have more than one email address associated with your Gmail account, now it allows you to have different signature for different email address. Pretty good feature I must say, considering many PC users nowadays usually will have more than one email address for different purposes. 

If you still aren’t a Gmail user, why not register yourself one and see what Gmail can do for you? It might impressed you. Log on to to register.

2010-07-09 21h56_59

Become a Gmail Ninja Master with Gmail Tips!


If you are a Google Mail user and change the theme quite often, you might find the ninja is no stranger to you. Yes, it’s the same ninja appears in ninja theme of Gmail. So apparently Google now wants you to know more about what you can do with Gmail, and if you able to learn all the Gmail tips, you going to be awarded as a Gmail ninja master (no certificate or belt for you anyway).

Google have categorized all their tips in four levels, each level has different tips that you might not explore before.


Aren’t they cute? So how do you access them? If you used Gmail account frequently, you might find that there are a red texts New! Gmail Tips above your inbox, click on it and you will reach to the tips page. Else for whatever reason you doesn’t want to login to your Gmail and want to access it now, the tips page is here. You might prefer to have a printer friendly version so you can read it off the computer, you got it.

So enjoy your Gmail tips and make use of Gmail to be more productive and efficient!  

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