[How To] Easily enable Multitasking Gestures on original iPad running iOS 5

It come in as a surprise to all original iPad owners when Apple decided to remove the magical Multitasking Gestures in the latest iOS 5 update. That’s leave a lot of the early adopters of iPad in disappointment as the Multitasking Gestures are running just fine in iOS 4.3, and there isn’t any hardware-limitation like the new Siri in iPhone 4S.

Thanks to d.B. in modmyi.com, now all the original iPad running iOS 5 can enable the Multitasking Gestures easily on Windows and Mac *without* actually having to perform a full jailbreak on them. This guide is perfectly fit for any iPad user that never perform jailbreak and doesn’t need a jailbreak – instruction after the break.


  • iPad 1 running iOS 5
  • iPad Dock Connector to USB Cable
  • Windows-based PC or Mac
  • A modified version of redsn0w (Windows, Mac)

Let’s do it!

1. Once you got the modified version of redsn0w downloaded, extract the content and run the executable. For Windows, it’s redsn0w.exe.


2. Click Jailbreak button.

3. Read the instruction on the application. Make sure your iPad is turned off (not sleep mode) before you plug in the iPad to the computer.Click Next button.

4. Follow the 3-step instruction to make your iPad entering the DFU mode. Windows most probably will start searching for the driver for the iPad in DFU mode, so redsn0w will probably telling you that it cannot detect any device. Wait until the driver installation is done, then try again – most probably it can proceed to the next step.


5. This step is IMPORTANT. Only tick Enable Multitasking Gestures and untick all the other options, especially Install Cydia. (Proceed with Install Cydia ticked will probably cause your iPad to have some jailbreak consequences, such as crashing iBook, Safari etc.) Don’t worry if your screen doesn’t look as below, as long as all the other options are unticked except Enable Multitasking Gestures.


6. Click Next  and the application will start performing jailbreak on your device and just leave it for a few minutes until your iPad is rebooted and redsn0w telling you that everything is done. (It’s normal for the Windows to detect the iPad for multiple times during the process, and you know it is almost done when you see your iPad have a long DOS-like texts.)

7. Go to Settings > General. Look for Multitasking Gestures option. Most probably it is turned on by default. Pinch the screen using your five fingers and enjoy!

image Source: modmyi.com


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